Tender Mercies

A GRITfic by Jason Heavensrun


Warning: This fic is a LEMON. It portrays characters in very graphically described acts of sex between two females. If this sort of thing offends you, or you're under age, do not read it.

Warning 2: This is a GRITfic, meaning that it is based on characters and events in the Global Ranma Insanity Thread, a running series of story threads on Rec.Arts.Anime.Misc. To truely appreciate the character interaction, you'd be best served to look up GRIT a bit. If you're just here for the sex...Well, you people can just skip to the "good" parts. ;p

Copyright notes: Jo and Amy are owned by myself and Vince Tagle repsectively, however the world in which they interact is based -very- heavily on Rumiko Takahashi's Ranma 1/2. Ranma 1/2 is copyright Rumiko  Takahashi, Shogakukan  Video, Shonen Sunday comics, Kitty films, Viz, or whoever else I might happen to be forgetting...^^;


Timeline and character Notes:

This being a GRITfic, and if there are any of you who don't know the characters but find them intriguing anyway and want to know more, Jo Heavensrun is a young martial artist who found his way to Nerima a few years back and became cursed with spring of drowned Akane. (yes, this spring actually existed in the Ranma manga, see the last volume for details. For the critics out there, I know, it's a classic example of a self-insert, but I was young when I started GRIT. Cut me some slack)

Jo has spent the better part of three years there in Nerima, and in the course of all this eventually started a relationship with another young american, a girl by the name of Amy Tagle. Amy, however, was not interested in other girls, but their relationship still bloomed, despite an accident which caused Jo to have to remain in cursed form, lest a curse on his hair cause it to grow out of control. The effect is similar to the dragon's hair problem that Ranma encountered in the manga for awhile. As it happened, Jo eventually sought out a cure, and after many failures, learned of a holy artifact of outstanding power. Jo seeks to find this artifact and restore the ability to switch between forms.

This fic takes place after the first wave of dungeons in Jo's quest, when the three groups have reunited in Hokkaido in order for Jo to meet the Kamahara twins. Jo Heavensrun has checked into an onsen resort under the alias of "Jo Tenso", as has Amy Tagle. Most of their other compainions checked into a different hotel.


Jo sighed silently to herself as she sat down on  the bath stool, taking the bucket of cold water and splashing it over herself. Shuddering from the chill of the icy water running down her spine, then taking her soap in hand, she began to lather her body, glancing nervously around the outdoor bath. <I hate these things. I always feel so self-conscious in community baths.> Jo sighed as she soaped up her arms and rubbed her shoulders, still sore from the days exertion. <At least there's nobody here this time of night, but still, next hotel we use I'm double checking these kinds of things. <God, my back is sore.> Squeezing her shoulder  gently with one hand, Jo winced and rotated her shoulder joint a few times trying to work the kinks  out. <Hell, most of my -body- is sore.> Taking the  soap down to lather her legs, Jo worked her way up  from her calf, squeezing and massaging her leg,  wincing as the soreness and the bruises made their  presence known. Moving to wash off her knees, then her thighs, she blushed lightly as she began to caress her inner thigh, a hazed look coming over her face for a few minutes as each stroke crept closer to her center. <Haven't done -this- in awhile...> Suddenly Jo shook her head and slapped her palm against her face with a wet splat. <What are you thinking, stupid? This is a public bath!> Suddenly her ears perked up and she whirled around as a figure walked out of the bathing area.

Amy froze almost in mid-step as she locked eyes with Jo. Her bathing utensils, including her towel, were gathered in a bucket held in front of her chest, leaving her lower region completely exposed. Amy blushed deeply as she realized who the girl she'd seen in the bath -was-, and her mind was still struggling for a course of action when Jo keeled over backwards and fainted.

Jo's head was spinning when consciousness began to return to her. The memory of Amy's appearance was blazed onto her frontal lobes and she had to blink a few times when she realized that the image wasn't out of her imagination. Her vision came into focus on a couple of eyes staring down at her. Jo blushed as Amy's face materialized, upside down, and her eyes almost immediately went to check on Amy's attire. She frowned on impulse, slightly disappointed to see the towel wrapped around Amy's midsection. The Tagle glared down, annoyed, and turned her head away haughtily.

"Sorry to deprive you of your peep show!"

"Hey, -you- walked in on -me-!" Jo sat up suddenly, then wavered for a moment as the blood rushed from her head and nearly toppled over again. Amy held a hand out to steady her 'boyfriend', then quickly withdrew it and returned to her offended pose. Jo stopped a moment, pondering the situation, then her eyes widened with fear. "Er...How long were you there, anyway?"

"What do you mean?"

"Er...Nothing." Jo sat back down on the stool and looked herself over. "Oh, great, the soap dried on my skin. " Glancing over her shoulder at Amy, who turned her head away slightly. "I...kindof need to wash off...It's really going to itch otherwise."

Amy simply continued looking away with a somewhat stoic expression, offset by the fact that she was blushing fiercely, and spoke in a rather matter-of-fact tone. "It's no matter to me. I'll just wash my hair. It's not like you have anything I haven't seen, anyway. I couldn't care less."

"I-I guess I'll be quick, then. " Jo looked down embarassedly and began to quickly scrub her body quickly and methodically. Pulling out a bottle of shampoo and squeezing a bit out onto her palm, Amy massaged the soapy fluid into her scalp and slowly started to drift her gaze in Jo's direction. Her expression softened as she stared at Jo's face, noting the flushed cheeks and watching Jo's mouth and throat move as her breathing grew uneven, obviously nervous from Amy's presence. A few moments passed and Amy's eyes were drawn down as Jo washed her shoulders and collarbone, once again lingering on her shoulders and neck as she rubbed the soreness out of her joints, then down...Amy's breath stopped for a moment as Jo's hands moved down to her breasts, then resumed as Jo skipped past them and began washing her sides and belly. Amy sighed, sounding almost disappointed, and resumed washing her hair, watching Jo out of the corner of her eye. Jo, for her part, was deliberately trying to keep all her actions as mechanical and methodical as possible, moving quickly and carefully to finish scrubbing with as little physical pleasure as possible. She swallowed slightly, blushing fiercely and nervous from Amy's presence, and as she moved down her belly, she quickly redirected her hands to wash her sides and her hips, then down her legs, carefully avoiding touching any part of her body that might give further impact to the thoughts running through her head. Finally having soaped her entire front except for her sensitive areas, Jo paused, heart pounding...

<I can't just...But that dried soap already itches a little, if I don't it'll drive me nuts. But Amy'll think...> Jo glanced over her shoulder at Amy, who was still sudsing her hair. <What'll she think? I mean, she's got to clean those parts too, right?> Jo paused as a mental image formed in her head and shifted uncomfortably. <You've got to stop thinking that way, Jo, it's going to get you into -major- trouble.>

Amy noticed the movement as Jo shifted about listlessly, noticing also that Jo wasn't soaping up her body anymore, and turned her head to look at her. Her existing blush deepened as she watched Jo slowly reach one hand between her legs, quickly washing herself, then retreating to the safety of less delicate areas. Amy continued to stare as the moonlight glinted off Jo's body, and Amy found herself admiring Jo's form. Lithe, taut musculature moved under her deceptively soft looking skin. The light reflected off her wet body, accentuating and exaggerating her curves. Amy's eyes moved up and down her body, from her small, delicate-looking feet up her well formed legs that had the power to crush stone to powder, despite looking rather slim and of moderate length. The gentle curve of Jo's rear held Amy's gaze for nearly a full minute until, her heart pounding, she watched as Jo rubbed the soap between her hands. Working up a thick lather then pressing her hands to her breasts, Jo rubbed the soft mounds of flesh, mixing the lather with the dried soap and sweat from the day's activities. Jo glanced over at Amy suddenly, who let out a gargled shriek of surprise then spun around to pour a bucket of cold water, which she then dumped over her head. Jo stared at the back of Amy's head, face completely red, eyes wide, and hands still latched onto her own chest. <Sh-she was watching me?> Jo spun with her back to Amy and also took a bucket of cold water and poured it over her head, rinsing the soap off her body, shuddering, and beginning to wish desperately that she was able to soak in the spring without the danger of being weighed down and drowned by "his" own hair. Making a decision to finish cleaning up, get into a warm bed and away from their awkward situation ASAP, Jo took her washrag and began trying to scrub her back.

Amy turned around to find Jo with her back to her, and watched as the other girl began trying to wash her back. Looking down, pensively, she stood up, stepped forward, and knelt behind Jo, taking the washrag from her and pressing it against the center of her back. Jo gasped in surprise and slight fear at the sudden contact, then sighed as Amy washed her back, leaning into the feeling and smiling with relief and pleasure.

"Th-thanks...It feels great. " Amy just blushed and began to soap Jo's shoulders, rubbing her neck and then moving back to her back again. Jo sighed as Amy's gentle touch and the obvious show of affection eased much of the tension out of the moment. She began to relax, growing comfortable in Amy's presence. Swallowing hard and leaning slightly closer, Amy let her hands slide forward, under Jo's arms, to rub the sides of the girl's breasts. Gasping with a mix of shock and pleasure, Jo stiffened at the contact, heart pounding, mind racing. Amy leaned closer, pressing against Jo and resting her head on her shoulder, and continued her gentle caress. Jo froze in place for several seconds, her face red as a tomato, and closed her eyes, forcing herself to move and take Amy's wrists in her hands, pulling the smaller girl's arms around her. Amy let Jo guide her hands to wrap around her and hugged her from behind, moving her face back slightly as Jo twisted in her grip and craned her head around, moving one hand up to run through Amy's hair, and kissing her tenderly.

Amy winced slightly as her forearms brushed the underside of Jo's breasts, and then again as Jo moaned into her mouth. pressing herself into the kiss and letting the moment wrap her up, she spread out her palms and moved them up to cup Jo's breasts, squeezing softly. Jo let out another startled cry, but quickly recovered and moved her own hands up, guiding Amy's as they caressed her naked chest. After a few minutes, Jo twisted completely around, pulling Amy to her feet, and placed her hands on either side of Amy's face. Her eyes glistened in the moonlight as they stared at each other, then slowly, Jo let one hand move down Amy's neck, along her collarbone and come to rest on Amy's towel. Jo gripped the cloth barrier, heart pounding, then, with a nod from Amy, slowly pulled the makeshift garment away, swallowing as it hit the floor. Amy blushed, instinctively covering herself and looking away, as Jo stepped in close. Amy started to slowly match Jo's pace, stepping away as Jo stepped closer, until the two reached the stone barrier that contained the outdoor bath. Flattening out against the wall, Amy looked away as Jo pulled in close. "I...I can't...It's...I..." Jo looked confused, then hurt, then resigned.

"I understand. "

"I...I want...I want to, but we're both...And you're so..." Amy's voice was trembling, and Jo watched in surprise and mild horror as tears began to well up in her eyes.

"Hey, d-don't cry..." At a loss for what to do, Jo just wrapped her arms around Amy and hugged her tightly. "It's okay if-if you don't want this body. I understand" Amy pressed her face against Jo's neck and choked back a sob, quivering as if she were made of soft clay and could collapse at any moment. "But I -do-! I...I'm feeling things like I've never felt before. I've never...been -with- anyone before. I remember some things from Vince's memories but that's not the same. I thought I didn't care about women. I thought I just wanted you because I thought of you as a man, but now I think maybe I'm wrong and everything I thought I was isn't real anymore." Jo squeezed Amy tightly, kissing the other girl's head and placing a hand on the back of her neck.

"Of course it is. You're not any different from the girl I fell in love with."

"But if I don't think of you as a man..."

"You think of me as me. I...this body is a part of me just as much as my male form is...It's still -me-. If you love one form more or less I don't care. I just...I just want us to be able to love each other." Amy started to sob softly, and Jo rocked her back and forth, rubbing her hands up and down her back. "Shh...It's okay, Amy. It's just a body. Physical affection doesn't have to hinge on any gender or form...It's an expression of love, that's all." Amy blinked the tears from her eyes, moving back from Jo slightly to wipe her face.


"You know, most girls would be -glad- they find the person they love attractive." Jo smiled and Amy hugged her tighter then ever.

"I'm sorry, I just-"

"Shh..." Jo lifted Amy's chin and brought their faces close, then kissed her on the cheek. "I know. It's okay...I'll just go. I don't want to force you into anything you're not ready for." Jo turned to leave, but Amy caught her by the wrist and turned her back around.

"I...I want you...to..." Amy closed her eyes and steeled her courage for the words to come. "...make love to me." The words came as a request and a command at the same time, and Jo was held in place by the magnetic impulses the phrase seemed to emanate.

"A-a-are y-you sure?" Jo stuttered, the now-familiar crimson flush spreading from her cheeks. Amy simply nodded and used her hold on Jo's wrist to guide her hand to Amy's breast. Jo's calm and understanding facade shattered under the revelation of what was about to happen, and rattled, she stumbled backwards. Amy lunged to try and catch Jo, but her foot slipped on the wet tile and she toppled forward, landing on top of her instead, her face pressed against Jo's belly. Orienting herself quickly, Amy crawled to her hands and knees and pulled herself up Jo's body. Jo snapped to attention as Amy pressed her thigh against the Akane lookalike's crotch, and Jo started to inch backwards, away from the discomforting presence hovering over her. "I...I don't know if I'm ready for this."

Amy stopped, half disappointed and half hurt, then started to chuckle, finally starting to laugh. Sitting up, she earns a quizzical stare from Jo, who crawls to her knees. "What's so funny?"

Amy managed to choke off her laughter to a mild chuckle, then smiled at Jo and spoke. "I'm sorry...It's just that it's getting hard to tell who's supposed to be seducing who here." "What do you mean?" Jo looked at Amy annoyedly.

"Well, -think- about it! One of us gets daring and the other gets scared. The second gets her courage back and the first one gets scared..." Jo blushed and looked away, pouting slightly. "Well, I'm just nervous. It's -my- first time, too, y'know..."

"You mean as a girl?" Jo looked down and sat in silence, then Amy's eyes widened as she put the facts together. "Ever?" Jo nodded curtly and looked down as Amy blushed for what seemed like the millionth time that night. "Er...Now what?"

"I don't know." Jo paused for several seconds, then hesitantly spoke,

"You're the only one here who has any kind of experience...Through Vince, that is." Amy looked down, pondering her next course of action as Jo came to a decision and scooted closer, placing her hands on Amy's thighs.

"I...all I know is...I need you." Amy's cheeks flushed and she leaned back over her lover, pressing her lips against Jo's. Jo leaned back and Amy climbed over her, laying down on top of her and wrapping her arms under Jo's shoulders, sliding her hands up to support Jo's head as the two kissed. Amy brought her thigh back to rest between Jo's legs and Jo's hands moved down to cup Amy's petite breasts.

Jo gasped as Amy began to rub her thigh against her lover's sex, responding by moving her palms against Amy's tender breasts, squeezing and kneading the soft flesh. Amy whimpered into her lovers mouth as Jo teased her nipples with her thumbs, and she began to rock her hips, sliding her thigh along Jo's sex. Jo moaned, pulling her head to the side and breaking the kiss with Amy, then began to shower Amy's face with kisses, moving across her cheek and down her neck...

Eventually reaching Amy's collarbone, Jo left one breast unattended to use the occupied hand to push herself up to a sitting position, forcing Amy up to her knees, and wrapped her lips around the abandoned nipple. The raven-haired young Tagle closed her eyes and began to brush her hands through Jo's hair, still rocking her hips against her lover. Moaning Jo's name softly into the night air, she let her hands slide down Jo's neck, resting on Jo's shoulder, then slowly slipping down Jo's chest to cup her breasts.

<They're so much bigger then mine...> Amy blushed as Jo flicked her tongue across the other girl's nipple, suckling the dark circle of flesh while rubbing her palm against the other...Amy groaned lightly from the attention and tried to duplicate the activity, squeezing Jo's breasts lightly then yelping with surprise as a small hand slid down her back to squeeze her left buttock. Jo smiled against Amy's chest from the reaction, then drew that same hand around Amy's hip, to her belly, then down between Amy's legs. Amy bit her lip out as Jo spread open her flower, and began to fondle Jo's chest in earnest as Jo ran a finger along the lips of her sex. Penetrating Amy's tender slit, Jo pressed her middle finger deeply into her lover's body. Amy moaned loudly and Jo used her leverage to guide Amy onto her back, then lay down beside her. Kissing her again and rubbing the inside of Amy's body, Jo snuggled in against Amy's side.

Her breathing pinched and ragged, Amy shut her eyes tightly as Jo continued to probe her body, wincing slightly as Jo bit down softly on her nipple, tugging gently with her teeth. Amy squeezed Jo's breasts reactively, earning a yelp, then apologized embarassedly.

"I-I'm sorry..." Jo responded by taking Amy's hands in her own and pinning them to her sides.

"It's okay...I...I wanted to try something..."

Amy nodded assent and laced her fingers with Jo's, then took a deep breath in anticipation of her lover's next move. Lowering her body to press against Amy's, Jo pressed one knee between Amy's legs, pushing them a bit apart. Following that, in a moderately impressive display of flexibility, Jo bent her legs back so that her damp slit slid in against Amy's, and began to slowly move her body against her lovers, sending shivers through their bodies as their sensitive clits bumped together. Jo pinned Amy down with the bulk of her weight and began to shift their hips together, her breasts swaying with the motion and brushing against Amy's tender nipples. Amy, in turn, spread her legs further to improve Jo's angle, raising her own hips and arching her back as the pleasure rocked through her mind and body. The night air was filled with the sounds of passion as the two girls pressed against each other, rubbing together with reckless abandon. Jo seemed to gasp out Amy's name with nearly every stroke of her body, while Amy barely managed to murmur "Jo" between long, throaty moans. Too wrapped up in pleasure to realize the noise they were beginning to make, Jo moved off of Amy and crossed their legs together. Amy slowly opened her eyes, then gasped again as Jo once more pressed their mounds together. They resumed a regular rhythm, grinding their hips together, increasing steadily in speed as their excitement grew.

Jo's resolve broke first, as months of repressed desires and hidden feelings combined with physical pleasure shattered her desire to bring Amy to orgasm first...Jo shook and grasped across the wet ground for a handhold, and ended on latching onto Amy's legs as she bucked against the girl, wetness spreading from her sex onto their joining. Amy winced as Jo pulled on her legs, then all motion stopped, and the two lay on the ground for several minutes, gasping for air. Amy pouted in slight disappointment as her high faded, and she untangled herself from Jo's legs. Jo was distantly aware of Amy cuddling up to her, to the growing familiarity of feeling her small body pressed against hers, but the ringing in her ears and the spots in her vision prevented more then a passing awareness. Several seconds passed until she found her voice, and it was cracked and dry...

"That...that was the most...I never..."

"We don't have to talk..." Jo put her hands on Amy's shoulders and pushed the smaller girl up, smiling softly.

"I know you didn't...I mean..."

"It's okay..." Amy looked away. "It's just our first..."

"First tonight, you mean." Jo smirked slightly.

"Huh?" Jo rolled Amy over and began to kiss her way down her body.

"I'm nowhere near worn out, you know...one thing I have to grant my cursed form is that I'm resilient in this sort of situation." Jo sat up, straddling Amy's waist, and began again to fondle the girl's breasts. "I've been thinking about this night for a really long time, Amy. I've had thoughts..." Jo punctuated her next point by tweaking Amy's nipples lightly, earning a soft moan from her lover, "And I don't think you're in a position to call -me- a pervert anymore..." Amy blushed and swallowed, placing her hands over Jo's and sighing in a mix of contentment and apprehension.

"I...Oh, Jo..." Jo leaned over to kiss Amy lightly, then moved her head down by Amy's ears and let her voice drop to a whisper.

"Amy...I love you...I love you more then I can put to words properly." Jo wrapped her arms underneath Amy's torso and hugged her close, "I've wanted this for such a long time. I just want you to be pleased with this decision." Jo began to kiss her way down Amy's body, down the center of her chest, her belly, and finally Jo managed to position herself with her head over Amy's womanhood, the scent of her own climax mixed with the scent of Amy's arousal, both filling Jo's lungs and reminding her of the impact her actions would have on their relationship. Jo looked up at Amy, who was staring down at her with a touch of impatience, then slowly reached out with her tongue to lick the inside of Amy's thigh.

Amy inhaled sharply and wrinkled her brow, slightly annoyed at her current inability to act, then yelped in surprise as Jo hooked her arms under Amy's legs, holding her in place. Amy wriggled a bit, trying to get loose, but her resolve faltered as Jo pressed her lips against her sex. Slipping back to her elbows, Amy moaned as Jo reached around her hips and spread the lips of her pussy open. Jo paused over her open flower, then slowly, eyes shut, ran her tongue along her lover's petals. Amy gasped and arched her back, looking down the length of her body as Jo stroked her tongue against her lover's slit.

Jo began to slowly roam about Amy's sex with her tongue, exploring and caressing her most tender region with the greatest of care. Amy's arousal built back up quicker then before, and Jo became very consciously aware of the moaning, writhing body in her grip. Amy shifted her weight slightly, resting on one arm, while bringing the other up to caress the back of Jo's head as her lover lapped at her womanhood. Worming in Jo's grip, she whimpered as she fought back release, struggled to prolong the sensations as long as possible. Noticing Amy's fidgeting, Jo opted for a change of tactics and locked her lips over Amy's womanhood and pressed her tongue into her lover's body, probing her deeply and sending chills up the other girl's spine. Amy's eyes snapped open from the wet mass filling her and her resolve broke as orgasm swept over her. Jo felt Amy's body tense in her grip just before a rush of fluid filled her mouth.

Coughing slightly as Amy's honey flowed down her tongue and throat, Jo rose away from Amy's crotch and looked down at the girl. Sweat and water covered Amy's body with a glistening sheen in the moonlight and Jo's throat caught any words she might have said at the time. Amy was simply lying on the bath floor, breathing heavily, eyes closed, a look of rapture on her face.

A few minutes passed until Amy drowsily opened her eyes to find Jo staring at her face. Suppressing her initial impulse to smack Jo for staring at her that way and reminding herself of what had just transpired, she slowly rose to sit up and Jo leaned in, pressing her lips to Amy's and kissing her softly. Amy furrowed her brow as she realized the taste of her own juices on Jo's lips and opened her mouth, slipping her tongue past her lover's lips. Jo closed her eyes and the two sat there a moment, learning from each other the finer points of french kissing...

...Until the hotel attendant walked in.

With reflexes and speed honed over battles with menaces who could throw punches at near the speed of light, and an agility and precision gained from years of training, the two young girls suddenly found themselves sitting at opposite ends of the bath, scrubbing themselves vigorously, both hoping the open air would waft away the scent of sweat and sex.

"Tenso-san?" Jo turned and nodded.


"Some of the guests said that there were some cries coming from down here, and I came to make certain everything was alright."

Jo blushed purple and grinned weakly. "Er...I..." Jo's mind raced to think of a response, and finally one came to her. "...twisted my leg when I slipped on the tile. I popped it back into place, so I'm okay, but it was pretty painful. I'm sorry if I disturbed anyone."

"Oh, my goodness, I'm so sorry!"

"It's alright, I'm fine..." Amy smirked as Jo continued. "Better then fine, in fact..." There was an awkward pause, after which the employee apologized a second time and offered to compensate, which Jo thanked her for but tried to refuse...After what seemed to Amy like an eternity, the attendant left and she slowly paced towards Jo, who turned to face her.

"This might not be the best place for this..." Amy smiled in a fashion that struck Jo as both cute and embarassed at the same time.

"Tell me about it..." Jo kissed Amy's neck softly as the small girl eased down into her lap and hugged her tightly, enjoying the feeling of their closeness. Amy lowered her head to Jo's and the two kissed deeply, savoring in the moment. After what seemed like an eternity, their lips separated and Jo spoke. "I...we could go up to my room...Nobody's staying with me... There's not many adequate arrangements you can work with in my situation, and most everyone's staying at the hotel across the street anyway."

"I can think of an adequate arrangement." Jo chuckled and pressed her lips lightly against Amy's, then rose up onto her knees, causing Amy to slide down her body slightly.

"I think I can too."

The two quickly washed and toweled each other off, then rushed back into the changing room. Jo smiled giddily as she rummaged through her locker, gathering her clothing. Amy, who had brought only her robe and underwear, donned both and moved over to snuggle up behind her new lover, kissing her neck and hugging her waist. Jo yelped in half surprise, then returned to bundling her clothing in a small ball of cloth. Amy blinked as she noticed a small strap dangling from Jo's garments and curious, reached and pulled it out.

"What's this?" Jo turned purple and tried to get Amy to let go, but was too late as the garment was pulled from it's prison of cloth and dangled for Amy to view.

"A...A bra?" Jo looked away from Amy's questioning gaze.

"I-it's just for back support." Amy grinned mischievously and dangled it in front of Jo's face.

"Oh, -sure- it is." Amy pulled Jo's robe off her shoulders and slipped the bra into place, fastening the straps and stepping back to look at Jo, who simply blushed and looked away, mortified. "I dunno, that's a pretty frilly bra for back support reasons only. Lace fringe, and it's not even totally opaque." Amy giggled and pulled Jo's robe back up to preserve her dignity...for the moment, at least.

"I just grabbed some that were the right size. I was too embarrassed to think about styles." Jo pulled her robe tightly across her chest and picked up the rest of her bundle.

"Uh-huh. You don't enjoy the feeling of the fabric on your bare skin or anything, then? I bet you just wear it 'cause you're a pervert..." Amy beedahed Jo and poked her playfully in the chest...

"Don't be ridiculous...If I enjoyed wearing girl's underwear, I wouldn't wear -boxers-, would I?" Amy smirked, an idea forming in her head, and wrapped her hand around Jo's wrist, dragging her out of the locker room, down the hallway, and to the door to Jo's hotel room...Sliding the rice paper door aside, Amy pushed her "boyfriend" inside and slid the doorway shut again, still grinning like an imp, then slid her panties down her legs and, holding them in one hand, began to creep towards Jo, who inched away slowly, wary of the look in Amy's eyes. "Wh-what are you doing?"

"Well now, it's an important part of being fashionable to make certain your wardrobe matches, you know." Amy giggled and Jo sweatdropped as two and two were put together. "Even the parts nobody but me is likely to see." Amy was now crawling towards Jo with an almost predatory gleam, her panties still clutched in her hand.

Jo slid away slowly, then turned to evade Amy, but was too late as the Tagle sister caught hold of her robe, yanking and sending Jo spinning down onto the futon... Jo turned to face Amy just in time to see a hand lock onto her boxers and yank them down her legs...

Hooking her foot up to catch them, Jo grabbed the waistband...the two struggled for a few seconds, but the waistband eventually gave out and the underwear ripped free, sliding down Jo's legs with ease. Amy uncrumpled her panties and started to slip them onto Jo's foot, but Jo twisted under Amy's hold and managed to get her legs spread apart, then closed them around Amy's body and flipped, pinning Amy against the soft bedding. Smirking triumphantly, Jo started to speak, but was cut off as Amy squeezed her breasts, sending a soft moan through her lips. Suddenly that momentary distraction turned into a crucial error as Amy slid under Jo's loosened grip and twisted her around, pinning her face down to the floor, straddling her facing her feet and sliding the panties onto and up her firm legs. Jo sat up, momentarily defeated, as Amy grinned smugly "You should know better then to resist me."

Amy chuckled as Jo grumbled something about being humiliated and snuggled close to her lover and whispered

in her ear. "Okay, now I want you to model for me..." Jo choked and her eyes widened.

"You're kidding, right?" Amy kissed Jo's neck in response and pouted cutely, causing Jo's heart rate to accelerate even more...

"Pleeeaase? For meee?" Jo's resolve broke and she scrambled to her feet as Amy sat up in her place.

"You are -evil-, you know that?"

Amy gave a smug grin at her lover and nodded slowly. Jo grumbled and put her hands on her hips, standing in front of Amy and avoiding eye contact. Amy crossed her arms over her chest and smirked. "Hey, you don't have to look so glum about it, you know, now turn around and let me look you over..." Jo turned around quickly, then put her hands on her hips and looked away, blushing furiously.

"Now walk around a little..." Jo started to pace mechanically in a small circle, and Amy pouted slightly.

"No, no, no, try and do it -sexy-..." Jo glared at Amy, who smiled cutely before saying "Please?"

Sighing, Jo started to pace again, this time consciously swaying her hips side to side as she moved, jerking to a stop every few seconds as bursts of insane giggling shot forth from her audience. Finally managing to quiet her laughter Amy leaned forward. "You know, do it like they do in the movies?"

"What movies have -you- been watching?" Amy simply smiled in response, then after a few seconds resumed her taunting.

"You know, I have a lace teddy that would look -great- on you..." Jo choked and turned bright red, staring incredulously at Amy as the temperature inside the room rose approximately fifteen degrees. "Hey, you're supposed to be strutting, y'know..." Jo's expression darkened and she began to resume her show.

Amy smirked for a few seconds, then paused thoughtfully and began calling out "striptease!" at Jo. The Akane lookalike gaped at Amy for several seconds, shocked at this new side of her, annoyed at the light sadistic whim that glinted in her lovers eyes.

It was at this point that something in Jo's mind snapped. Or at least, that's what Jo would claim, if she were able to view herself dancing and moving erotically to an unheard beat. Amy's arrogance quickly evaporated as Jo's embarrassment vanished, and Amy found herself entranced by Jo's movements.

As far as Jo was concerned, this was a game, a test of will. She'd never tried dancing in girl form, but even with that, and with embarrassment and excitement causing her to tremble and flush bright red, she kept moving, concentrating on her hips, twisting and writhing in an attempt to keep her opponent off-balance. And doing a good job, at that. Amy shifted uncomfortably, again frustrated at having lost control over the situation. Her ploy having backfired, she searched frantically for another plan, but nothing seemed to break through the haze of conscious thought, so she simply sat, watching as Jo moved in front of her. Realizing her control over the situation, Jo smirked and moved over to stand over Amy. lowering herself to her knees, straddling Amy's waist, she reached up tentatively and slipped her bra off of one shoulder, softly caressing the gentle white curve of her breast, pushing the fabric down ever so slowly...Until finally one breast was free.

Amy swallowed and shook her head, one final desperate attempt to take things back under her control, then grabbed Jo, twisting her around and hugging her from behind. Jo let out a quick yelp, then moaned softly as Amy began to caress her naked breast, rubbing one finger against her nipple, teasing the sensitive flesh. Jo raised her arms up to reach behind her, running them through Amy's hair as the smaller girl kissed her neck, and Amy slipped her free hand down Jo's body to rub her lover's crotch. Jo gasped and leaned her head back on Amy's shoulder, content for the moment to let her lover run the show. Amy smiled smugly as she moved back into the dominant position, and still in a teasing mood, began to move her hand away from Jo's sex, rubbing her inner thigh instead. Amy opened her mouth and prepared to make another smug remark, intent on rubbing in how easily it was to take control over Jo, but suddenly all her games and smug superiority was rendered meaningless by three simple words. Jo practically breathed them out, and the ease and sincerity with which they were spoken sent a spasm of shame and guilt through Amy's heart.

"I love you..." Amy could have justified that the words were spoken in the heat of passion, in the throes of sex. She could have, and she would have been partially right, but there was something else in Jo's voice, and it was a tone she'd heard before, and they were words she'd heard before, and suddenly it snapped back into her mind exactly what was going on. They were making love. It was the first time for the two of them, and the first time for each of them, and she was teasing and playing games during that. Letting her pride and whim control her rather then her heart. Amy frowned and sighed softly against Jo's neck, wrapping her arms around her waist and leaning on her back. Jo's eyes opened slowly as the sudden lack of sensation brought her down from her haze, and she turned her head to look back at Amy, concerned.

"What's wrong?"

"I...I just...I'm sorry." Jo frowned as well and twisted her body so she could look her lover in the eyes.

"What for?"

"I...It's our first time together...It should be...I shouldn't be playing games with your feelings like  this...the underwear, the dance..."


"I'm sorry...I've just ruined everything...I never should have mmph!" Amy's eyes opened wide as Jo pounced on her, pressing their lips together and pinning her to the floor. The kiss lasted a long time and Amy found herself reacting strongly to the pure emotion that charged through the both of them. After what seemed like an eternity, Jo lifted her head away and the both of them gasped for breath. Jo smiled sincerely at Amy and reached up to tuck a bit of hair behind her ear as Amy lay breathless beneath her.

"Amy, you don't need to apologize to me..."


"First off, I think you're really cute when you're feeling playful. Sure I was a little embarrassed, but..."

Jo leaned down low so that her mouth was right by Amy's ear "It was a little fun."

"Are you sure?"

"I got you all hot and bothered, didn't I?"

"Yes..." Amy admitted.

"Then it did what it was supposed to..." Jo kissed Amy again and snuggled in against her. "The Amy I love is a playful, sweet, and considerate person. She's got a bit of a temper and is a bit of a tomboy, but that's all just part of what makes you so cute..."

Amy blushed from the description, too wrapped up in the moment to remember to hit Jo for the tomboy remark, and spoke. "But are you sure you didn't mind?"

"Amy, if you want our first time to be -truly- special..."

"I do!"

"Then be yourself. And that means be however you feel like being at the moment. Just be Amy for me, that's all."

Amy's eyes teared up, and she stared up at Jo's smiling face, and there, at that moment, she couldn't see any resemblance to Akane Tendo. Right there in that place, right in that time, they were simply a couple sharing themselves with one anotherfor the first time.

---The next morning, in that -same- place...


"Ooooh yes..."

They were a couple sharing each other for the tenth or so time.

"Oh, Amy...More fingers...Use another finger. "



"Oooh, you like that?"

"yph nmph impdmpmh"

"Don't...talk...with your mouth...full..."


"Aah! Jo...I'm...again...I'm going to..."

"Hey, Jo, I wanted to find out when-"


Amy and Jo effectively froze in place as U-chan stood in the doorway to Jo's room. There was a long pause as Amy's limbs wavered and she trembled slightly in the aftereffect of orgasm. Jo turned bright -bright- pink and Amy managed to turn a deeper blush then she had managed to achieve in the entire evening previous. U-chan fought -hard- to suppress giggling and instead simply smirked and continued speaking.

"Good morning..." Jo blinked and U-chan continued. "I wanted to find out when we were leaving today, but I can see you two...have your hands full." U-chan nearly burst into laughter as she closed the door behind her and skipped down the hallway, leaving Amy and Jo in an embarrassed stupor.



Well, there you have it, My first lemon. Or rather,the first one I wrote mostly on my own. I want to thank Vince for his help on getting Amy's reactions and behavior generally IC, and I'd also like to thank my proofreaders for their input and suggestions.

Comments, suggestions and the like are welcome at jeisanhr@aol.com, provided they're somewhat civilized. ;p