by Mark Andron and Time Lady

Lemon Addition to Chapter  9

WARNING:  The following section is a lemon.  Meaning if you are under 18, uninterested in or offended by sexual situations, then you should skip this section and continue on to Chapter 10.  All of the lemon sections have been set into seperate sub-chapters, so the main part of the story can be read without the need to read the lemon parts.  You have been warned.  Continue at your own risk (or enjoyment).

Tora makes use of the freedom the position gives him with his hands and her body. His hands slowly move up her stomach, until they reach her breasts. His fingers soon begin to trace the curves of her breasts upon reaching them. Sighing, Tegan’s body goes limp under Tora’s ministrations. Sensations from Tora’s stroking of her breasts spread throughout her body, causing one part to demand further attention. Tora’s fingers soon move away from her breasts. Tegan twists her head back to see what is wrong, only to be met by kiss, at the same time one of Tora’s fingers runs across the opening to her sheath.

“Ohhh...” moans Tegan as Tora slides a questing finger across the little nub of sensitive flesh. He allows his index finger to penetrate deep within her sheath while his thumb continually strokes her love button. His free hand resumes it’s attention to her breasts. “Ahhh....” Tora’s erect member presses against her buttocks. Tegan is ready to faint from the pleasure.

Tora, sensing that Tegan might be overwhelmed, relaxes the amount of pressure on her body, but making each caress much longer. Tegan soon begins to push herself back into Tora. Feeling his own need growing, Tora adjusts Tegan’s position, lifting her gently and replacing his index finger with his engorged shaft. Tegan whimpers with the pleasure of feeling him deep within her. She leans forward, her hands on the edge of the tub. Tora comes to his knees behind her, still stroking her body and realizing the further freedom his current position allows. Gently he kisses the back of her neck.

He moves his kisses down as close to the small of her back as he can, and then begins to move his shaft slowly back and forth His hands resume their caressing of her breasts. Tegan’s whimpers become ecstatic moans of pleasure as Tora slowly becomes more forceful with his caresses, his shaft moving faster and thrusting harder. Tegan can hardly think under the onslaught of sensations. One of Tora’s hands caresses her breasts - the other insistently strokes her love button. His shaft pounds deep within her womanhood. Her hands grip the side of the tub as Tora nuzzles and licks the back of her neck. To add to the excitement, Tegan’s tail wraps around Tora’s waist, trying to pull him impossibly closer.

Tegan begins to cry out which each new thrust, making Tora even more insistent. “Tora... please...” He notices that her body is starting to tremble, and begins to feel her sheath tighten around his ramrod. Her body can no longer hold off. Tegan explodes in a quaking orgasm and collapses against the side of the tub, her sheath pulsing in time to her ragged breaths.

Her orgasm pulls Tora along with her, his seed shooting deep within Tegan as his throbbing member drives hard in one last thrust. He slumps into the bathtub, feeling drained. Gathering her last few ounces of strength, Tegan shifts so she is curled in Tora’s lap and kisses him.

“Are we... catching up for more... lost time again?”

“Depends on how you want to look at it.”

Tora kisses Tegan once again. “Who knows...”

“Mmm... I guess we better get around to the original function of this bath, then take care of what ever else we have to.”

Tora smiles. “I guess so.” Tora allows himself to relax, and Tegan moves so as to use Tora as a cushion. She picks up a bar of soap, a washcloth, and slowly begins her real bath. “Ah... Tegan?”


“Your tail...”

“What about it?”

“Its tightening around me.”

Tegan grins sheepishly and unwraps her tail from Tora’s waist. “Sorry.”

“Its okay. I know you’re not going to let me go anyway.”

“You’re impossible.”

“I know.”