by Mark Andron and Time Lady

Lemon Addition to Chapter 8

WARNING:  The following section is a lemon.  Meaning if you are under 18, uninterested in or offended by sexual situations, then you should skip this section and continue on to Chapter 9.  All of the lemon sections have been set into seperate sub-chapters, so the main part of the story can be read without the need to read the lemon parts.  You have been warned.  Continue at your own risk (or enjoyment).

Tegan steadies herself with her hands by Tora’s shoulders. She kisses Tora hungrily, as if she can not get enough of his lips. Her body presses into his. She is rewarded by the feel of his member stirring against her lower torso. Tora and Tegan almost act as if they were think the same thing, as they both slowly move their hands down on each others body, tracing each other’s body on their way down to their jeans, as each fumbles to try to undo the other’s. Amazingly, their lips do not separate as this happens. Tegan’s smaller hands fare better in their current position, freeing Tora’s erection from its restraining fabric. She strokes him gently while Tora struggles with Tegan’s jeans.

Tora’s lips press down harder on her as she caresses Tora’s member, and notices that his hands are struggling even faster to remove her jeans. Tora finally slides the accursed piece of denim along with the panties they were protecting down her legs. Tegan kicks them off without losing any of the attention that she is giving to his lips and his ever hardening member. Tora slips a questing finger into her sheath and discovers she is already wet and ready for him. The urgency of their lovemaking steps up a notch as Tora pulls Tegan’s hands away from him. He pins both her hands above her head with one of his own hands, then uses his free hand to guide himself toward her. Tegan bites Tora’s lip as she feels Tora’s member pressing directly against her sheath. Tora seems to ignore the pain, the charged emotions running through him being more powerful. He slowly presses himself into Tegan, straining to control himself and against the surprising tightness of Tegan’s sheath.

Tegan struggles to free her hands from Tora, but he has the advantage of strength and leverage. She arches her body under his and whimpers slightly as he slides into her, stretching her intimately. Her hands still trapped, she wraps her legs around Tora’s waist and tries to pull him closer. Tora finally releases his hold on Tegan’s lips, trying to catch a breath of air. He looks into Tegan’s eyes, which are full of desire. He loses control for a moment, slamming his shaft all the way to the hilt, and recaptures Tegan’s lips with hi before she can cry out. Tegan’s cries are muffled by Tora’s insistent lips. Unlike their earlier, tender, slow lovemaking, this bout is frenzied and inflamed. Tora finally releases Tegan’s hands so he can balance himself better as he slams his hips into hers. Her legs around his waist attempt to pull him deeper within her. Her claws dig into Tora’s T-shirt. Tora soon loses complete control as he begins to slam into Tegan harder and faster, letting his passions reign over him. Tegan’s own desire responds to the increased pressure she feels from Tora, digging her claws deeper into him and pressing her lips harder on his.

Tegan arches and meets each of Tora’s thrusts, trying to take him deeper and deeper, until he takes her to the peak of pleasure. Lights flash in Tegan’s mind as she cries out into Tora’s mouth, her tight womanhood throbbing and pulsing around his erect shaft. Tegan’s cries are met with muffled moans of pleasure form Tora’s mouth, and the tightness of Tegan’s sheath soon causes Tora to surge forward in one massive thrust, releasing his seed and spilling it into Tegan. His body trembles as he gives himself up to his release, and he finds himself struggling to hold onto Tegan’s lips.

Reluctantly, her lungs starved for air, Tegan pulls her lips away from Tora’s. She lies beneath him, panting heavily. She opens her eyes, though sparks are still going off in the back of her mind. Her body trembles as it comes down from her high. Tora rest his head fall back onto the roof as he tries to catch his breath and to let his body stop trembling. “Tell .. me... do I.. want to know... where that... came from?”

“Making up for lost time?”

“Sounds good enough to me.”

“Mmmm...” she purrs. “I hope your dad didn’t come home while we were up here.”

“Why would you be worried about something like that? Or is it that you have something that you would like to do?”

Tegan blushes. “Call it ‘reaction to parents’. If my parents heard all the noise we were making up here....”

“I get the picture. Still, Pop’s not like your.. er... ah... ‘biological progenitors.’... “

“Sorry. Can’t help it.”