by Mark Andron and Time Lady

Lemon Addition to Chapter 7

WARNING:  The following section is a lemon.  Meaning if you are under 18, uninterested in or offended by sexual situations, then you should skip this section and continue on to Chapter 8.  All of the lemon sections have been set into seperate sub-chapters, so the main part of the story can be read without the need to read the lemon parts.  You have been warned.  Continue at your own risk (or enjoyment).

Tegan relaxes, giving herself up to the kiss... yes... it all felt right... even the setting... She puts her arms around Tora’s neck. Tora lays her down next to the hot spring, not releasing his hold on her lips. He feels a hunger slowly overtake him... a hunger that had been growing for over a thousand years. Tegan’s body begins trembling again... this time not from fear or nervousness... rather her whole being quivers with anticipation of Tora’s intimate touch. She knows this is way beyond their occasional cuddling. Her body is on fire, with flames only Tora will be able to quench. Tora soon releases Tegan’s lips, and begins to move downwards with a series of kisses starting at the top of her neck. His hands begin the slow process of undoing her blouse. Tegan sighs softly, then releases Tora’s hair from its band. As Tora’s kisses trail lower, her fingers tangle in his hair. Each kiss sends a jolt of electricity through her body.

Tora’s kisses soon reach the bottom of her neck, and then Tegan forms a mischievous smile. “Tora?” she whispers. Tora looks up, and sees Tegan motioning with her finger to come closer. Tora obeys, putting his face inches away from hers.


“Hold still.” Tegan reaches back into the hot spring and splashes Tora with its waters. Tora-T glares at Tegan. She smiles at him, merriment dancing in her eyes. Tora-T inhales. He becomes very still except for his quivering whiskers and lashing tail. In this form, the scent of Tegan’s arousal is even more intense... even more driving.

Tora-T begins a combination of nuzzling and the use of his tongue where he left off, and continues downward into the cut of Tegan’s blouse, partially undone by Tora before he was splashed.

Tegan moans when Tora-T’s tongue reaches the exposed swell of her breasts. She trembles as he insistently strokes in the same extremely sensitive location. Her shaking hands reach up to try to undo the remaining buttons. Impatiently Tora-T grabs the blouse and the front of her bra in his mouth. “Tora...” begins Tegan. There is a satisfying rip of fabric, completely exposing Tegan’s breasts. Ivory flesh contrasts swirls of black fur.

Tora-T continues the actions of his tongue and his nose, picking up where his kisses left off. His nose nuzzles each breast, following the swirls in her fur. His tongue then strokes each now-hard nipple, and each stroke causes Tegan to arch her back in pleasure, and to also make her breathing more labored.

The pleasure caused by Tora-T’s tongue on her breasts is incredible. But Tegan wants more. She wiggles out from under Tora-T and stands. He looks at her nervously, worried that she might have changed her mind. Instead, Tegan removes the ruined blouse and bra, kicks off her shoes & socks, then steadies her hands long enough to unfasten her belt and pants, allowing them to slide to the floor. She hooks her thumbs in her panties, which join the rest of her clothes on the floor. Tegan stands in front of Tora, completely naked. A “V” of black fur outlines her navel, pointing to the lower triangle of black fur that conceals her womanhood. Her tail lashes nervously as she waits for Tora’s reaction.

Tora-T stares at Tegan’s naked body, purrs for a moment, then proceeds to nuzzle the “V” so predominant around Tegan’s navel. He tells himself it’s only to keep his mind from being distracted by her tail. And quickly, the nuzzling moves downward

Tegan drops to her knees, her legs becoming unsteady from Tora-T’s attention. She begins scratching him behind his ears. Tora-T softy purrs with the touch of Tegan’s claws by his ears, while his tongue tries to probe below the “V” around her navel. Tegan gasps when she feels Tora-T’s nose nuzzle the triangle of black fur. He notices the scent of her arousal becoming more and more intense as he begins to probe the hidden folds of soft, feminine flesh. Tegan finds herself falling on her back as she tries to control herself as she feels Tora probe deeper into her with his gifted tongue. Her breathing becomes heavier with each movement of Tora-T’s tongue. Tegan can barely think. A jolt flashes through her body as Tora-T’s tongue hits the hidden nub of sensitive flesh. She moans as Tora-T, seeing her reaction, concentrates the majority of his attention there. Occasionally he allows his tongue to delve deep into her sweet sheath, lapping at her flowing love juices. In the back of his mind, the tightness of her sheath registers.

Tora-T slowly pulls his tongue out of her sheath, catching Tegan by surprise. He then moves himself so that his face is in front of her face, his sword in front of her sheath. He stays there for a moment, not moving at all. Tegan bites her lower lip in anticipation, mentally preparing herself for his entry. She is aware of the potential pain of the first joining. Yet something echoes in her head about a particular significance to the moss covered altar.

Much to Tora’s surprise, he moves himself away from Tegan. As he runs off towards the entrance of the shrine, she hears him growl “No. Not like this.” Startled, Tegan sits up and looks down the corridor. She becomes very nervous, worried that something she has done has chased Tora off.... A minute later, she sees Tora again, as a human, completely naked, and happy to see her. “I wanted this to be right... and the tiger wasn’t it.”

“Oh Tora....” she whispers... “I... I thought....”

“Shh...” Tora walks over to Tegan and scoops her up in his arms. A few steps takes him over to the altar. He lays Tegan on the soft moss, then kisses away a large tear rolling down her cheek. “Don’t cry... I wouldn’t want to hurt you like that.”

Unable to talk, Tegan pulls Tora’s lips to hers. She needs the reassurance of his touch. Tora holds her close, feeling flesh against flesh, and fur against flesh, and understands why she occasionally wanted to snuggle with him in tiger form. The fur on her body brushing against his flesh is an incredibly erotic feeling. After pulling away for her lips, Tora slowly moves around Tegan on the altar, taking care to experience her with his fingers as he moved around. His fingers traced her breast, and then glided across her soft skin to her neck, and further still to her lips. He removes his fingers, replacing them with a kiss from his own lips.

Tegan, wanting to feel his body against hers, reaches out to him invitingly. Each time Tora evades her. For their first time, he wants to be sure he experiences every last inch of her body. Tegan whimpers impatiently. Tora continues the tracing of Tegan’s body, running his finger down from her lips, down her neck, down to the other breast, which he circles for a moment before he gently kisses it. Quickly his lips replace his fingers, as he continues the exploration further downward.

“Oh God Tora...” pants Tegan. “I don’t think I can take much more of this... you’re killing me....”

Tora smiles. “Hold on, my love.” He finally comes to the edge of the altar where Tegan’s sheath is easily seen. Tegan spreads her legs apart as Tora climbs onto the altar. He places his sword, now fully erect, at the entrance to the soft folds that form Tegan’s sheath. As he does, he realizes her tightness and remembers what he detected earlier. Tegan is completely untouched. His. Only his. The waves of possessiveness flowing through him are tempered by the realization that his entry is going to cause her a lot of pain...

“Please, bear with me, my love. I don’t want to hurt you.” Tora slides back a bit, so as to not accidentally place his sword in he sheath. Tora slides his finger into her sheath, then adds a second, mimicking the action his body is craving. She gasps and arches her back. A third finger stretches her to her limits.

“Tora, please...” she begs.

“I don’t want to hurt you...”

“It can’t be helped. Please...” Nodding, Tora withdraws his fingers and repositions himself at her sheath. His body strains as he tries to control his movement. Tegan’s movements make it difficult for him to hold back. She tries to pull him closer. Finally he can stand it no longer and surges into her. Tegan cries out as Tora pierces her maidenhood, sheathing his erection to the hilt within her. He regains control temporarily and holds himself still to allow her body to become accustomed to his.

“Forgive me, my love. I never wanted to hurt you.” He slowly begins to withdraw from Tegan’s sheath once her body recovers from the shock of the initial thrust. And then he surges forward again, causing Tegan’s body to shoot upwards as she cries out again.

Lights flash in Tegan’s mind as Tora begins gently thrusting into her. The pain dissipates, replaced by intense pleasure. She wraps her arms around Tora, pulling him down to her and seeking his lips. As the pleasure grows, she tentatively begins thrusting as well, eliciting a growl from Tora. She uses the pads of her fingertips to trace the muscles in his back, trying to avoid using her claws.

Tegan’s thrust urge Tora to increase the speed of his own thrusts into her, each new thrust eliciting a slightly louder moan from Tegan. Soon these moans are muffled as Tora’s lips meet Tegan’s once again Tegan is soon overwhelmed by sensory overload, her tail lashing about, and her body starting to tremble. Tegan feels her entire being burst in an explosion of sensations as the orgasm floods her. She closes her eyes, almost passing out from the pleasure. Tora holds himself still. Her sheath throbs and pulses around his stiff shaft. Tegan opens her eyes and looks into his wonderingly.

“All you all right?”

“That...” pants Tegan “... was the most incredible thing I’ve ever experienced in my life... thank you my love...”

“For you, anything.”


“Yes. WhAAHH!?!” Tegan sits up quickly enough to catch Tora off guard and force him onto his backside, all the while somehow keeping his sword within her. “Then let me show you how I feel.” Straddling Tora, his erect member still buried within her, Tegan begins to return some of the attention he gave her earlier. Using the tips of her claws, she traces the outline of his defined muscles. He tries to thrust into her. She scratches him gently but warningly. “Ah-ah.... my turn now...” she whispers as she kisses the middle of his chest. Tora groans, his organ aching for release.

Tegan’s fingers soon end their tracing of Tora’s body, being soon replaced by the gentle caresses of Tegan’s lips, which slowly work their way upward, from Tora’s chest, up his neck, and closer to his lips. Tegan’s face soon hovers over Tora’s, her lips slowly coming closer, until they kiss his nose. Tora looks at her in amazement. “I wanted to see how different it was” she whispers softly as she grins.

“And is it?”

“Mmmm...” she purrs. “Each position has it’s perks...”

Before Tora can get another word in, he finds her lips swiftly upon his, crushing them. He feels her claws begin to gently run themselves along his sides. And then he feels her to slowly move herself up and down his stiff member. His groans are muffled by the presence of Tegan’s lips He begins to feel the need to release once more.

Tora places his hands on her hips, guiding her movements. She pulls her lips away and gasps, Almost impossibly she feels another orgasm building inside her. Tegan braces herself by resting her hands on Tora’s chest. Arching his back, he thrusts into Tegan. This time she wants to see if they can reach orgasm simultaneously. She squeezes the muscles of her sheath, tightening around him even more. He groans.

Tora can simply hold on no longer. In one large surge, he growls as feels himself release, his seed spilling into Tegan’s womanhood. Tora’s release proves to be too much for Tegan, and she cries out in ecstasy as she experiences her second orgasm, which proves to be more powerful than the first. Spent, Tegan allows herself to fall onto Tora, licking her lips as she rests her head on his chest.

Tora uses the last of his strength to wrap his arms around Tegan. He feels her trembling from the force of her release. Absently he strokes her hair. The two of them do not move, the force of their release simply leaving them too exhausted to even move. Tegan simply rests on Tora’s chest, while Tora gently runs his fingers through Tegan’s hair. “Tegan... thank you.”

“Mmmm?” she says sleepily.

“Ah... forget it. You just rest now.”

Smiling, Tegan nuzzles Tora’s chest and purrs. Tora watches as the lights in the cave seem to dance about on Tegan’s flesh. He relaxes to the sound of Tegan’s gentle purring. After a few minutes, he notices something odd about her purring... the tone had shifted. He strains his neck to get a better view of Tegan’s face, and notices that she is thoroughly asleep. Tegan’s body completely relaxes as she dozes in Tora’s arms. For the first time in a long time, her sleep is dreamless... untainted by nightmarish memories from her previous life. Content to let Tegan sleep, he lets his body relax, moving only to continue stroking Tegan’s hair and to look around the shrine. “Well Tegan” he softly whispers “I hope I didn’t... disappoint you.”