by Mark Andron and Time Lady

Lemon Addition to Chapter 10

WARNING:  The following section is a lemon.  Meaning if you are under 18, uninterested in or offended by sexual situations, then you should skip this section and continue on to Chapter 11.  All of the lemon sections have been set into seperate sub-chapters, so the main part of the story can be read without the need to read the lemon parts.  You have been warned.  Continue at your own risk (or enjoyment).

Tegan giggles as she removes the tie from Tora’s hair.

“Now tell me...” Tora undoes each button one by one. “Just what is it... that amuses you so?”

“You’re touching me in a very ticklish spot right now...”

“Well then...” Tora undoes the last button of her blouse. “We can’t have that, now can we?” His fingers begin to trace themselves along Tegan’s chest and stomach, moving slowly around her breasts.

“Mmm...” she purrs. “That feels good.” Rather than worrying about her bra, Tora begins work on undoing her jeans. He makes sure that he can’t complain by crushing her lips with his once more. Sighing, Tegan runs her fingers through Tora’s hair. One of her hands trails down to pull his shirt out of his pants. With the zipper finally undone, Tora pulls Tegan’s jeans down to her ankles in one swift stroke. Tegan tries to open the button and undo Tora’s pants. She tries to pull his shirt over his head, but his lock on her lips makes it difficult.

Tora breaks away for a moment and removes his shirt for her. Tegan takes the opportunity to kick off her jeans. She pulls away from him long enough to remove her blouse and bra, which join her pants on the floor. Tora smiles at the sight of Tegan’s exposed flesh, and soon finds himself removing his jeans and tossing them on the ever increasing pile of clothes on the floor. Tegan’s panties join the rest of the clothing, leaving her standing naked next to the bed. Not to be outdone, Tora removes his boxers and tosses them aside. Tegan smiles when she sees how erect Tora has become already.

Her body becomes inflamed as she climbs back into bed next to Tora. Tora rolls on top of Tegan, and kisses her. His fingers roam her entire body, while her tail takes the opportunity to roam his. She tangles her fingers in his long hair, while her tail wraps around Tora’s waist.

Tora grins while his fingers still tease her. “I’d be jealous of your tail if I were you.”

“Oh?” She looks at him with an uplifted eyebrow. “Why?”

“Because.... I might just have to give it more attention than I do to you.”

“Though my tail seems to have a mind of it’s own sometimes, I do happen to feel everything that happens to it.”

“Well then...” Tora fingers remove themselves from Tegan’s body and begin tickling her tail.

She giggles. Tora moves up her tail, reaching the sensitive spot she pointed out earlier. Tegan gasps and arches her back.

“Hmm.... I’ll get back to that later.” Tora releases her tail, and then quickly assaults one breast with his lips and the other with his hand.

“Oh God... Tora...” she pants, “you’re going to drive me crazy....” Tora stops long enough to show Tegan a smile before he resumes. “Ooooo.... you....”

Tora says nothing, but instead moves his kisses down across her stomach, but uses both his hands to play with her nipples. Tegan feels herself losing control. She fights the urge to dig her claws into Tora. Tora’s hands pull themselves away from her breasts, but his kisses keep moving downward, closer and closer to her bellybutton.

“Oooohhhhh....” Tegan squirms.

Tora slides back a bit, and then spreads her legs apart, exposing her sheath. A smirk forms on his face for a moment, and then he lowers his head down, hovering over it and breathing heavily. Feeling Tora’s warm breath on her intimate area, Tegan’s body begins to quiver expectantly.

It seems like an eternity as Tora doesn’t move for a moment. His breath is slowly bringing Tegan to the edge. “Oh god, Tora, please... TorAAAHH!” Her body shoots as she feels his tongue gently grace the surface of her sheath. The slightest touch of his mouth is all it takes to send Tegan to a quivering climax. Tora waits until her body relaxes before continuing his attention to her womanhood.

Tora’s head with a smug grin pops over the horizon of Tegan’s stomach. “I think you’re ready now.”

“Mmmm....” she purrs. Tora spreads her legs even further apart, and then slides himself so that his sword is just barely touching the entrance to her sheath. “Oh God... you’re torturing me....” she moans. Tora holds her hips still.

“Everything in due course, kitten.” He gently presses his sword forward while still not inserting himself.


“Patience, kitten, patience.” The opening to Tegan’s sheath slowly spreads itself apart as Tora keeps pushing his sword forward gently. Tegan whimpers impatiently. Another agonizing eternity passes before Tora finally inserts himself all the way to the hilt. Tegan cries out, more from relief than from any possible pain. She wraps her legs around Tora’s waist. Tora begins to pull himself out, but with Tegan’s legs urging him on, he finds himself moving much faster than he wants to.

Tegan wraps her arms around Tora’s neck and pulls his lips down to hers. The ferocity with which Tegan kisses Tora drives him to move in and out of her faster. Tegan arches her hips, as if trying to pull Tora deeper within her than truly possible. As if he reads her mind, he tries to force himself deeper within her in response.

“AAAAAHHHH!!!!!!” cries Tegan as Tora pounds into her. Tora muffles Tegan’s cries with an all-consuming kiss. Her body trembles from his tender touch. Once her cries and her trembling stops, Tora releases his hold on Tegan’s lips, and gently pulls himself out of her sheath. His face hovers closely above hers.

Her eyes focus on his. She licks her suddenly dry lips and smiles. “Are you sure you’ve never done this before me?”

“Do you want the truth?”


“Not... as a human.”

“Ah... well... I kinda expected that... I mean, you were a fully grown tiger before all this happened.”

Tora nods, then smiles. “That I was.”

“So you did what came naturally to you.”

“Which you have no complaints about yet.”

“Well... technically, that was the real tiger... before merged with the spirit of Toran, wasn’t it?”


She snuggles up against him. “So it was wild animal instinct. Do you even remember the details?”

“Some of it. Not a lot was left after.... after I figured out some of what being human was like.”

“What do you remember?”

“Vague images, mostly. I do remember one tiger though... but I’d doubt you’d be interested in that.”

“Mmmm...” She delicately runs a claw down the middle of Tora’s chest. “I don’t know... sounds very interesting.”

“Vile temptress... you’re not going to get me to talk that way....”

“Oh?” Smiling seductively, Tegan runs her claws along Tora’s back.

“Urgh... uh-uh, no way.”

Tegan purrs, running her claws along his thighs. “Oh come on...” Tegan licks the middle of Tora’s chest.

“Nice to know you’ve learned how to play dirty from me....” Tora can feel his member beginning to pulse again. She responds by licking his ear, then purring a low, rumbling purr. He feels the tips of her claws on his semi-erect shaft. “Oh really want to know, don’t you?” Tegan licks the tip of his nose. Tora rolls over onto his back, and Tegan soon follows, rolling on top of him. “Somehow, I don’t think you much care anymore...”

Tegan straddles Tora’s stomach and smiles. “I still want to know.”

“I’m still not telling.”

Tora notices Tegan’s disappointment... a fraction before feeling her tail wrap around his erection. “I think I taught you a little to well. But I’m still not talking about he---” Tora stops, and then simply smiles. Her tail rhythmically squeezes Tora’s shaft as Tegan reaches back and teases Tora’s soft sac with the fur on her hand. “I’m ... not talking ... about her ...” Tora finds it hard to focus. Tegan’s response is to rake her claws on the inside of his thighs.

Tora can hold out no longer. He grabs Tegan, pulls her tail away from him, and slams his rock hard member into her sheath.

“Oh God!”

“Two... can play... at this game...” Tora begins moving in and out of her.

Tegan rakes her claws on his chest. “Doesn’t... mean... I’ll... give... up...” she pants.

Tora takes her tail in hand and begins tracing her breasts with it, while increasing the speed of his thrusts. She tries to resist the feelings her body is experiencing. “I’m not letting you out of it....” Tegan drops down and crushes his lips with hers. A trigger switches in the back of Tora’s mind, and in one last hard thrust, his seed shoots deep into Tegan. As much as she tries to resist, the feeling of Tora releasing inside her brings her over the edge as well. She collapses onto his chest. They are quiet for several minutes until Tora hears “I still want to know.”

“*sigh* Fine. She was... my main...” Tora pauses. “She was to be my mate.”

“Oh... And?”

“We never had any kids, if that’s what you mean... god, was she a demon tiger... I never was able to find out what happened to her after I left.”

“Oh.” Tegan gently kisses Tora in the middle of his chest. “You tried to find her?”

“I kinda hope I would when I spent my time in the field with the zoologists. No luck, though.” Tora grins. “May she never have found Jusenkyo, though. I’d hate to think what would happen then....”

“Yeah... well if she ever came around and even *thought* about laying a paw on you....”

“Don’t worry.” Tora kisses her forehead. “My days as just a roving tiger are long behind me. I doubt she even remembers.”

“Mmmm,” murmurs Tegan lazily.