The Origin of the Sword

========== 1000 years ago, China. ==========

"Big Brother!"

A young man turns around to greet a small boy.

Tsurugi: Yes Shito?

Shito: Tomorrow is your comming of age ceromoy right?

Tsurugi: Yes, tomorrow is the day, I'll be 18 and go through the right of the springs

Shito: Have you chosen what spring you wish to enter yet?

Tsurugi: It is the one of the young girl. I forget what the natives call it.

Shito: Tsurugi

Tsurugi: Yes Shito

Shito: Don't you ever wonder why our tribe speaks a different language than the other people here, and why we can use magic, and all sorts of other stuff that the other people can't do?

Tsurugi: I did, once. It is part of the legacy of our tribe, you'll be told on your fifteenth birthday. I need to see the elder, see you later Shtio.

Shito: Bye Tsurugi


Elder: Tsurugi, you know of the legacy of our tribe, you know of the mage who came here from 1500 years in the future to study the peole of this time, but he fell in love and stayed, forming our tribe.

Tsurugi: Yes, know, I have know since I was 15. Why do you tell me agian?

Elder: Tsurugi, of all of the people in this village, you are the most skilled with martial arts, magic, and the use of the hammerspace, that is why I have chosen to give you this. (Holds out an amulet) This was the amulet of the mage, it has been passed down in my family for 500 years since the death of the mage. It contains all of his powers, including the teleportation that brought him here. Just before death he said the in 500 years a warrior would arise that would be the greatest warrior the world had ever seen, all he needs to know is contained in the amulet.

Tsurugi: But why me?

Elder: 500 years have passed since then, your day of birth is the 500 aniversery of the death of the mage. YOu are the most skilled in the village, even more skilled than those twice your age, the amulet is your. (Thrusts out the amulet)

Tsurugi: Thank you I shall wear it with honor ( Begins to put it on)

Elder: No! Do not out in one until after you have gone through the right of the spring.

Tsurugi: Very well then elder, if you need me no longer...

Elder: Go Tsurugi, but do not tell of the amulet to anyone, power spawns jealousy, and jealousy spawns evil. Farewell


Shito: What where you doing in there big brother?

Tsurugi: Talking

Shito: Bout what?

Tsurugi: You'll find out when your older.

Shito: Always when your older, no fair! (Tsurugi laughs) Tsurugi, can I go with you to the right of the spring tomorrow?

Tsurugi: No, the ritual says that I must go alone.

Shito: I can't wait till my right of the spring, I'll become a panda, I've always loved pandas, soo big and cute and cuddly and...

Tsurugi: Heh, you do that little brother.


Tsurugi stands before the sprind of drowned young girl.

Tsurugi: So this is to be the spring of my blessing. Thank you spirit of the girl who give this gift to me, may you rest eternal in happiness.

Jumps into the spring and feels the unfamiliar sensations of becomming what you are not. Walks out of the spring.

Tsurugi: So this is what I look like as a female, quite nice. I will enjoy this blessing and I shall call you Tsuin. And now (Takes amulet out of pocket,puts it on)

Voice: Tsurugi, you are the chossen one, you are the one who has the power to combat evil. I once had the power but I was too weak and choose to sacrafice my abilities so that one stronger could take my place. I bestow onto you these gifts: A magical gi that can take any form, two magical katanas that can form one tsurugi, the power to fly, the power to teleport, and you no longer age, use imortality well. You have much to learn, practice with you powers and in 300 years take your place in Japan, the year 1996, a village called Neriam. This is where events that shape the entire world take place, and you are to make sure that things go right. Learn from your mistakes, never think yourself above others, and alway make ammend for what you have done wrong. ( The amulet shatters )

Tsuin: Thank you great mage. (Tsuin turns toward the village and see smoke) Oh no. (runs back home)


The village is under attack from the peole of neighboring villages who have had enough of the mages ancestors.

Tsuin: What's happening, what's gonig on? (sees Shito fall to a seasoned warrior) NO!

Tsuin runs over and draws the attention of the man. He weilds his katana and ready for another cold blooded kill of an unarmed opponent. Tsuin has other plans. She pulls her katanas from hammerspace

Tsuin: Please let this work!

She crosses the katanas and will them to form tegther. An orb of all colors yet none surounds her as the weapons combine. Tsuin comes down to swipe at the man who blocks the tsurugi with his sword, but his sword is snaped in half by the force of the blow, the tsurugi proceeds to slice him in half. Tsuin kneals to her brother's side.

Tsuin: Shito, Shito get up, come on, you can get through this, get up dammit!

Shito: Big brother? you look good as a girl big brother, I fought good big brother didn't I.

Tsuin: Yes Shito, you fought well.

Shito: That's good, I'll miss you big brother, I wish I could have gotten a curse.

Tsuin: Don't talk like that Shito, you'll be fine, Shito? SHITO!!! (In pure rage Tsuin's aura manifests itself as blue blades swirling around her body. All of the invaders look up from their handy work to see their companions being disembowled by the steadily advanceing blades. Soon, Tsuin is the only one left alive in the village.)

Tsuin: My brother, my father, mother, the elder, all my friends, I have no reason to stay here. (With a tear Tsuin teleports away)


Over the course of 300 years Tsurugi travels to the distant futures and gains knowledge of technology, to distant world to learn healing magic that would have saved his brother, across hundreads of years learning many things. Untill after 300 years, when Tsurugi had masterd all of the powers that the amulet had granted, after he had learned how to control the force that had been unleahed with the death of his brother, after so much time alone, Tsurugi followed his destiny to Nerima Tokyo.


Tsurugi: This is the place, I wonder what I'm supposed to look for. ( Hears the sound of a ki blast going off and building crumbling) I sence great evil, I had better go to check it out.


Blade: <ignoring her> I'm warning you, P-word. Get out of here and never threaten Ukyou again...or die.

P-word: That's just what I wanted! You and me, one-on-one!

Jason-1: <getting up> Wrong. You've gone too far this time, you freak. I'm with Blade all the way. <stands beside Blade>

Jason-2: Same here. <Several people step from the crowd>

Jei-san: That's right! You've had this coming for a long time, P-brain! <unslings his guitar>

Jacen: Blade may be a jerk, but at least he doesn't threaten the helpless.

Ryouga: What kind of pathetic coward threatens the helpless? <pulls out his umbrella> People like you have to be stopped.

Kunou: Verily, the scion of honour known as the Blue Thunder hath seen many grievous things done for the base cause of petty vengeance. Yet perhaps none doth brood greater in dishonour's cloud than that of doing bodily harm to the person of a woman unable even to defend herself. Even the vile Saotome would not perpetuate such an act. Thus, though I may side with those whom I have had differences with in the past, for this one glorious moment we shall be united in one grand purpose: of erasing the blot of such a fiend as yourself from our fair earth. <brings his bokken to bear>

Al-X<sign>: {What he said.} <leaps to stand beside Blade; sign> {Ukyou's a nice girl.} <flips> {Trying to kill her just to get at Blade is _really_ low.}

Tsubasa: It'll be a warm day in July...wait, that's not'll be a lukewarm night in'll be the third friday of the month...umm...oh, forget it! There's just no way I'm going to let you hurt Ukyou-sama! <looks at Ukkyo> Uhh... <lamely> either of them.

Tarou: Blade said you were scum. Guess he was right. <stands beside Al-X>

Akane: Hey, Ukyou and me haven't always been the greatest of friends, but there's no way I'm just going to let you try to murder her.

Ranma<low, dangerous tone>: Ucchan is my friend. Has been for a long time. <cracks his knuckles> Me and Blade don't see eye to eye on a lot, but for once I think we'll work just _fine_ together. <stands beside Jason-1>

Tsurugi: (Thinking) I guess this is the place. I won't let you down great mage, nor you my brother

Tsurugi:<glares at P-word> Your evil must come to an end. Those who prey on the innocent and call themselves powerful have no place in this world. For the crimes you have committed... we will send you to hell! <hovers above Blade, sword drawn and glowing with power>

Blade: <smiles tiredly> Strange times make strange brothers, ne? <turns to P-word> Well, P-word? You seem to be outnumbered here. Still want that fight?

========== The End ==========