New Experiences

A Lemon GRITFic

By Time Lady

1. This story is a lemon. Hentai. In other words, there are sex scenes. If you are under 18, _STOP_READING_RIGHT_NOW!!!!!!!!!! GO READ SOMETHING ELSE. GO ON NOW!

2. Corrie was created by Time Lady. Keido was created by Rob Morrison. This fic is an extension of story started last year (around December/January). The story became a fic. However, it was put on hold after Rob left GRIT. Recently, the story became a combined effort between Mark Andron and Time Lady. It is now finished and here for your enjoyment. All comments and constructive criticism can be directed to Time Lady ( or Mark Andron ( Send flames elsewhere.

3. Thanks to Tsuragi (former chief hentai of GRIT) for reading over the story before posting.

To set the scene: For those of you who might forgotten (and those of you who weren't around)...

Corrie, a Time Lady from Gallifrey, and Keido Morisato, an immortal, had met shortly before the big party at Zuni's (oh hush Tsu... for me, that "party" is better left forgotten...). After a certain incident involving Blade and Akemi, Corrie was left weak and exhausted, her power crystal destroyed. Keido discovered his immortality and certain electrical abilities. He met Raiden and Connor Mac Cloud. Corrie decided she needed to spend some time on a nice quiet planet. Raiden used his abilities to reroute Corrie's TARDIS back to Zuni's. Keido told Corrie about his feelings. She invited him to travel with her. Corrie gave Keido a room in the TARDIS. She invited Keido to swim in the TARDIS pool, resulting in the following incident:

------ Flashback ---------

After changing, Keido follows K-9 to the pool area.

Keido: (thinking) Hmmm....gotta do something about my glasses for swimming...

At this point, Corrie walks in. She is wearing a sheer, white caftan, which she lets slip off her shoulders to the floor. Revealed is a iridescent, tanzanite colored bikini. Her long hair is loose around her shoulders. Keido is slightly stunned, and it takes him a minute to recover. Apparently not noticing Keido's reaction, Corrie tosses him a beach towel.

Keido: Uhh... thanks. Corrie, is there any way to dim the lights in here?

Corrie: (confused) Yes, there is...why? (Keido taps his glasses. Corrie nods, and lowers the illumination in the room.) How's that?

Keido: (grins) Perfect. (pulls off his glasses and puts them in hammerspace, giving Corrie...and everyone else...their first look at his bright electric-blue eyes. Corrie comes close to Keido and meets his eyes directly.

Corrie: (softly) Wow. You have the most incredible eyes. (Keido is also staring into Corrie's eyes. Without his darkened glasses, he notices their unusual tanzanite color.)

Keido: You too.

He is vaguely aware of Corrie resting her hands on his chest, then is completely surprised when she pushes him into the pool. He comes up from under water sputtering.

Keido: Why you...

He looks up at Corrie, who is laughing.

Keido: (smirking slightly) Oh you think that's funny do you...

Keido makes a motion as though he was yanking on a chain, and quickly swims to the other end of the pool. Just then, an ENORMOUS anvil falls from hammerspace and touches down in the end of the pool nearest Corrie with a tremendous SPLASH!!! thoroughly drenching her. Keido chuckles.

Corrie: Oh, yeah! (Corrie dives into the pool. Before Keido can react, she comes up under water behind him.) Try this!

She tries dunking Keido and fails. He turns around and grabs her. She splashes him. They wind up splashing each other, laughing, and wrestling. For the first time in a while, they both feel relaxed and carefree. Corrie wriggles out of Keido's grasp. Giggling, she takes off across the pool. He follows and catches her again. This time he holds her with her arms pinned at her sides.

Keido: (laughing) Got you this time.

Corrie: What are you going to do about it?

Keido: (gets a wicked grin on his face. He moves in close, face just inches away from Corrie's. He closes his eyes, parting his lips. Corrie anticipates, and closes her eyes also. Then, without warning, Keido begins mercilessly tickling Corrie.) Gotcha!!!! (Corrie tries to get away from Keido, but he holds fast.)

Corrie: (screaming and laughing) OKAY! OKAY! I GIVE! UNCLE!

Keido relents and lets her go. She swims to the far end of the pool. He is laughing.

Corrie: (smirking) Just you wait. When you least expect it, POW! Right in the kisser.

She swims over to the pool steps and waits a few minutes. When Keido doesn't follow her, she climbs out of the pool. A frown flashes across her face.

Keido: (startled and a little worried that he might have done something wrong) Where are you going?

Corrie: My room. We should be arriving at the resort in a few hours and I want to take a nap. (She walks over to a cabinet and takes two fresh towels) Here. (she drops the towel on a semi-dry lounge chair) Your little stunt with the anvil got the my caftan and the other towels wet. When you've finished, K-9 will be in the hall to show you back to your room. (she walks out, then sticks her head in the doorway. Her voice is cool as ice) Oh, by the way. Please get your anvil out of the pool. (she disappears again)

Keido: (confused) What did I do?

Shaking his head, he swims to the anvil and manages to get it back into hammerspace. Then he gets out of the pool. After retrieving a pair of his glasses from hammerspace, Keido follows K-9 back to his room.

Keido: K-9, is Corrie mad at me?

K-9: Insufficient data.

Keido: Great.

--------end flashback ---------

Bewildered at Corrie's response, Keido went to his room. He decided to talk to Corrie, but he became lost in the TARDIS. Somehow, Raiden managed to get into the TARDIS. He told Keido more about his new abilities. Keido decided to try out his new teleportational abilities. He also learned that you don't try teleporting from the TARDIS... Keido found himself in mid air over the pools at Jusenkyo... and then he found himself in Spring of Drowned Moogle. Raiden pulled an angry Keido back to the TARDIS, where they both found themselves confronting an even angrier Corrie. Raiden disappeared (after Corrie threatened him with her dagger). Corrie and Keido talked... calming Corrie a little bit. They went into the control room, where Corrie gave Keido hot water extractor. A few minutes later, the column on the TARDIS control panel stopped....

"We've arrived," said Corrie as the column on the TARDIS control console stopped moving. She pressed the door control on the console. The door opened and Keido followed her out on to his first experience with an alien world. The sky was light pink. Blue clouds floated past a red sun. Crystal trees grew up from the ground.

Keido looked around in awe at the alien landscape he found himself in. He gaped in wonder at the various lifeforms around him the likes of which he'd never seen outside of sci-fi movies. He wondered how Corrie could be taking this all in stride but then remembered that she was much older and much more experienced than she appeared. He then wondered if someday he'd be as indifferent to all this strangeness as she appeared to be.

Corrie led Keido to what appeared to be a form of restaurant. He couldn't help gawking at the cross section of life from across the galaxy gathered there. A yellow blob seated them at a table. It handed them a couple of menus. "Your waiter will be with you shortly to take your orders," it said. "Would you care for drinks?

"Two sair juices, please," replied Corrie. The blob nodded and oozed off. Amazed, Keido watched it go. Corrie handed him one of the menus. He looked at it, but couldn't read a thing.

"Uh, Corrie, what language is this supposed to be?"

"Interlac, a common universal language." She grinned sheepishly. "Oh, sorry. I forgot you can't read Interlac. Want me to order for you?"

Keido nodded. "Um, if I can't read Interlac, how come I can understand what the maitre'd just said?"

Corrie shrugged in response. "It's a Time Lord thing. We have the ability to understand almost any language in the universe, and we can pass it on temporarily to a companion." She studied the menu as she talked. "Until you get used to alien food, I think you should stick to something simple."

As she studied the menu, a large plant-like creature approached with a tray on one of his branches. He put down two glasses full of a sparkling, reddish liquid. "Good morning. My name is Zirfplat and I'll be your waiter this morning. What can I get for you?"

"How is the birtan today?" asked Corrie.

"Freshly baked early this morning."

"Great. We'll have two."

Keido watched Zirfplat shuffle off. "Birtan?"

"A fruit pastry. Try the sair juice."

With much trepidation, Keido took a sip of the sair juice. It tasted a little like fruit punch, heavy on the pineapple. He watched as Corrie rummaged through her satchel. She pulled out a silver band and handed it to Keido. "Put this on," she told him.

"What's it for?"

"It has a homing device that will get you back to the TARDIS if we get separated."

"Right," said Keido as he put on the band.

Zirfplat returned and placed two plates on the table. On each plate was what looked like a round pie. Keido nodded his thanks. He tasted the birtan. It was exactly as Corrie described, a fruit filled pastry. However, he couldn't identify any of the fruit in it. After they finished, Corrie paid the bill and left a tip for Zirfplat. They walked out the street. Keido noticed a shop off to one side. He couldn't read the sign, but the window display looked interesting. He pulled Corrie inside.

"What is this place?" he asked.

"It's a trading post. Things come here from all over the universe."

Keido's gaze was drawn immediately to a display over the counter. Hanging on the wall was one of the most unusual swords he had ever seen. One edge was curved slightly while the other was straight. Both edges were honed to a fine sharpness. The combination of the straight and curved lines met in an elongated point. Two grooves were engraved on each side of the sword.

"May I see that?" he asked the store keeper.

The storekeeper, a small, green, land dwelling octopus took down the sword with one of its tentacles and handed it to Keido. Keido tested the feel of the sword. "This sword comes from a tribe on a small planet on the other side of the galaxy," explained the storekeeper. "It's designed to be very efficient. The curved edge makes for a deadly swing, but the point still allows you to thrust. If you plunge the sword into an enemy to about that level," one of the storekeeper's tentacles pointed to the grooves on the sword, "and then pull it out quickly, it causes a greater loss of blood than the average sword."

"Interesting sword," admitted Keido. "How much?"

"20,000 credits," replied the storekeeper.

Keido didn't know exactly how much that was, but he was certain that he didn't have it. He walked over to Corrie, who was apparently absorbed in looking at some jewelry. She turned to Keido. "Ready?"

"Uh huh."

They left and walked a little way down the street. Corrie looked in her satchel for a second. "Damn. I must have dropped it in the shop. Wait here a minute."

Keido looked around while he waited for Corrie. Strange and unusual aliens strolled past. More blue clouds float across the pink sky. Corrie rejoined him and took his arm. A wide smile was on her face.

"Find what you were looking for?" asked Keido.

"Mm hmm. Ready for some sightseeing?"

As they walked down what appeared to be a main street, Keido noticed the absence of vehicles. "What do they use for transportation?"

"There are a few hovercraft around, but they are mostly used on back streets and in the outlying areas," said Corrie as they passed a large, ornate building that appeared to be a center of activity. She pointed to it. "That's the training hall. Warriors from all over can keep in practice while on vacation. Maybe we'll check it out tomorrow. There's someplace I want you to see first."

They walked down the main street towards the edge of town. Corrie slipped her hand in Keido's. He noticed, and smiled to himself. She stopped in front of a general store. "Come on. We'll need a few things."

Inside, the selection of merchandise was more practical than at the trading post. Keido looked around while Corrie spoke with a dog-like creature. The clerk handed Corrie a bundled package, which she put in her satchel. She walked over to Keido, who was looking at a display of a large, strange-looking fish like creature swimming in a tank.

"Ready?" she asked him.

"What is that?" he asked as he pointed to the enormous tank.

Corrie looked at the tank, then at a sign next to the tank. "That's the store's owner."

Baffled, Keido followed Corrie outside. "You're pulling my leg."

"Nope. He's from a water based planet, and the only way he can survive is by living in the tank. The sign said his communications device was out."

Shaking his head, Keido followed Corrie out of the city limits, into an apparently barren land. Crystal like sand covered the terrain. Huge, crystal trees grew up from the ground. The red sun shone brilliantly in the sky. Ahead was a range of mountains, which was Corrie's destination. In the breeze, Keido detected a faintly floral smell.

"Are there other worlds like this?" asks Keido.

"Similar. Of course, no two worlds are exactly alike. This settlement started out as an interplanetary trading post because of its location. Someone realized that the scenery would make a perfect backdrop for a resort, so people invested, built, and hence everything you see around. There's organized tours, but the place we're going isn't on any tour route."

They hiked for about an hour. As they approached the mountains, Keido realized the mountains were also made of crystal. Corrie led Keido to a cave entrance in one of the mountains. They walked through a tunnel faintly lit by a luminescent glow coming from the crystal itself. The tunnel opened up into an enormous cavern. Keido stood and stared. The cavern, like the rest of the mountain, appeared carved out of translucent crystal. The glow from the walls was as strong as sunlight. A waterfall with flowing, emerald green water cascaded from an opening in one of the walls. The floor was like amber, crystal sand. More of the unusual crystal trees grew from the ground. Strange, beautiful, crystal flowers grew in the sand.

"This place is really something else, isn't it," she said in a low voice. "I never even imagined a place like this could really exist," he answered in an awed voice.

"Yeah. I haven't found another place like it on any other planet."

Corrie reached in her satchel and pulled out the package she bought at the general store. Pressing a hidden button opened the package, creating an instantaneous picnic lunch, complete with tablecloth. The food was unusual, but looked delicious. They sat down on the cloth. "I ordered something that you should like."

As they ate lunch, Keido asked "Corrie, what do the natives of this world look like?"

"The most intelligent races are somewhat humanoid, but they're also crystalline based. All life on this planet is. Something in the creation of this planet favored the evolution of crystal based life forms."

Keido shook his head. "Will I ever get the hang of all this?"

"Maybe. There's things out there I haven't seen yet. I'm only 250," she admitted. "I didn't leave Gallifrey until I was 125. There's a lot of places out there in time and space." Corrie smiled. "You know, you may be the first Earth immortal to travel to other planets. Others will have to wait until Earth becomes more advanced in space travel."

Keido, feeling a little rested after the long hike, lay back on the sand and watched the emerald water cascade down from the waterfall. "Will alien water affect the Jusenkyo curse?" he mused. He didn't notice the devilish smile cross Corrie's face.

"Well there's one way to find out..."

Keido jumped up, alarmed. "Wait a minute... Corrie don't you...."

Before Keido could say "dare," Corrie splashed him with some of the green water. Keido-moogle glared at her as she laughed. He held up a sign that read "Not funny Corrie!"

"Aw, but you look so cute and cuddly," she replied sweetly. Before Keido- moogle could do anything else, Corrie wrapped her arms around him and kissed him on the nose. He found it very difficult to be angry with her after this kind of treatment. "Besides," she continued, "now would be the perfect time to test out that device I gave you." She released Keido-moogle.

Grumbling a bear-like grumble, Keido-moogle reached into hammerspace and pulled out the device Corrie gave him back at the TARDIS.

"Press the blue button," instructed Corrie. "That will extract and collect moisture from the air." Keido-moogle followed her direction. A few seconds later, a light flashed. "Now press the red button to heat the water." He pressed the red button. After another few seconds, another light flashed. "It's ready. Unscrew the cap, and you should find some comfortably hot water." Keido-moogle dumped the contents on his head. He reverted back to human form and glared at her.

"That wasn't necessary," he grumbled. Corrie appeared to ignore him. A floral breeze blew through the crystal leaves, creating a pleasing wind chime like sound. Keido looks around and notices several ledges and crevices. "How safe are the caves?"

"They're explorable. I've been through most of them at one time or another."

"So I could go for a trek through one of them?

"Sure. I'll wait here."

Keido got to his feet and picked a cave at random. He walked towards it and disappeared. Corrie lay back on the grass and closed her eyes. She dozed for a while, then sat up and looked at her TARDIS link. It had been about fifteen minutes since he left. Corrie stretched. "Ow," she said, feeling one of the muscles injured in the fight protest her movements. She looked at the pool of the waterfall. The cave waters were well known for their healing properties. She glanced at her link again. Normally it took an hour to traverse that particular cave from end to end. There would be enough time for a quick dip...

The tunnel Keido chose to explore glowed with its own natural light. He marveled at the crystal formations and the brilliant colors streaked through the walls. He walked for about 15 minutes, then decided to turn back and ask Corrie to accompany him. Moving quickly, it took Keido about 10 minutes to get back to the main cavern.

He didn't see her immediately. Rather he heard her humming and splashing. He glanced in the direction of the sounds. Keido wasn't quite prepared for what he saw. Corrie's boots were on the ground. Next to them, like a tanzanite puddle of satin, lay Corrie's flight suit. His eyes moved towards the pool of water at the base of the waterfall. He saw long, damp tendrils of chocolate brown hair clinging to ivory flesh. Keido's eyes widened as he silently moved forward. He watched Corrie bend over and scoop up handfuls of emerald water. Droplets rolled off her skin like emeralds sliding off satin. His body tensed up as he observed Corrie's nude body... This was different than when they were in the pool... or was it? "So that's why she seemed so angry in the swimming pool the other day..." he thought to himself. Yesterday, he had been completely oblivious to her body... even though she had been pressed right up against him in a skimpy bikini. He felt intimate parts of his body harden as he watched her.

Corrie silently dipped herself in the soothing waters. The water was pleasant. This particular pool wasn't a hot spring, but the water wasn't freezing. Another nearby cavern had hot springs. Perhaps she would take Keido there tomorrow. He would be able to swim in the hot springs. *Sigh*... When she got back to the TARDIS, she would have to discover how Raiden managed to teleport in, then she would figure out a way to keep him out of the TARDIS. Next she would have to see if there was a way to remove Keido's curse. There had to be a reason, perhaps some enzyme in the water... Corrie sighed again. She turned to get out of the water.

"Aaahhh!!!!" she shrieked as she saw Keido standing and watching her. She ducked down into the water, trying to cover herself with her arms. "WHAT DO YOU THINK YOU'RE DOING?!?"

Keido didn't say anything. He strode over to the towel she left lying on the ground, casually picked it up, dropped it next to the water, then turned around so Corrie could get out. He was amazed at her changeability. The other day she was practically pressing up against him, her nearly nude body against his. Now she was acting like he was the world's biggest pervert. Confused, he just waited for her to get out of the water and wrap herself in the towel.

"And just how long were you standing there?" she asked.

"Just a couple of minutes," he replied. "Just long enough," he said to himself. "Can I turn around now?" he asked aloud.

"Yes." Keido turned around, to see Corrie wrapped in the large towel. She knelt on the ground and began rummaging through her satchel for her solar powered hair drier and her hair brush. Keido watched as Corrie dried her hair. Again he was completely baffled by her erratic behavior. Confused, he waited for her to finish. He tried to formulate a plan of action.

Corrie dried her hair, trying to hide her emotional turmoil behind a facade of anger. But her body was on fire. She'd been attracted to men before... but the number of men who she'd been involved with over the last two hundred years could be counted on her fingers. A few of the relationships had been purely intellectual. The others were entirely emotional. None had been physical. Thinking back, there was only one person she had considered becoming intimately involved with. Billy was a rare man, especially for an Earth man. He was intelligent and sensitive... a special person chosen to be one of the Power Rangers. She had been away, reporting back to Gallifrey, when Billy began aging suddenly. In a way, Corrie felt angry that the Rangers called the Rangers for Aquitar for help instead of her. Cestria came to help. Cestria took Billy back to Aquitar for special treatments. Billy decided to stay on Aquitar. Corrie's visits to Aquitar revealed Billy had fallen in love with Cestria. Corrie left Aquitar broken hearted. Then she arrived in Nerima and saw Keido for the first time. They had only known each other a few days. Yet he excited her in ways she had never known before. She wanted things from this relationship that never occurred to her previously. Corrie was so lost in her own thoughts that she didn't notice Keido's intense stare.

Keido reached out to touch Corrie, but then Corrie turned around, surprising him. He lost his balance and landed on Corrie, inches between their faces, and his arms around her neck

"And just what do you think you're doing?" she asked, glaring at him. "This," he replied. Before she could do anything else, he wrapped his arms around her, crushing her lips to his. At first, she struggled to break free from his grasp, but that only forced Keido to hold on to her even tighter. Keido was relentless in his kiss. Surprised, Corrie found herself relaxing and giving herself up to his caresses. Her hands moved from pushing at his chest to locking behind his back and pulling him closer to her

She sighed. Keido noted the change in her response and pulled her closer. He let his hands rove her body, caressing her bare shoulders. The feeling was definitely different than in the pool the other day. He broke the kiss, trailing kisses down the nape of her neck. Corrie moved her right hand up to Keido's hair, running her fingers through it. The fingers of her left hand caressed the small of his back.

From behind his smoked glasses, she could see electrical sparks crackling. "If only it wasn't so bright in here...." she lamented to herself as she felt a compelling need to look deeply into his eyes. Keido leaned forward, trailing kisses lower along her body. The towel, loosely wrapped around Corrie, fell away, exposing her completely to Keido's touch. A charge shot through her body as she felt his lips on one of her nipples. She trembled.

Keido moved his kisses to the other nipple, while his hand traced her breasts, her stomach, and further down. The gentle caresses brought out a quiet moan from Corrie's lips. Corrie couldn't stop trembling from Keido's touch. Tentatively she ran her fingers through his hair, pulling out the band holding it and leaving it loose against her breasts. Keido noted her ardent response to his touch, but was confused by some of her hesitancy. He pulled away and looked at her.

"Is something wrong? If you don't want to do this..."he began.

"No," she replied quickly. "It's just... I've never done this before..."

He blinked in surprise. "You've never..." Corrie shook her head. "Well... do you... want to?" Corrie smiled, caressing his face with her fingers. Keido gently lay Corrie on the ground, and positioned himself on top of her. "Do you trust me?" he asked. Corrie nodded. Keido smiled, then pressed his lips against her once again.

Relieved by Keido's understanding, Corrie allowed herself to relax. She reached up and untied the front of his tunic, sliding it off of his shoulders. The purple tunic joined Corrie's flight suit on the ground. Hesitantly, she reached out to touch his bare chest. "Go ahead," he whispered. Biting her lip, she allowed her hands to freely roam Keido's upper torso. He groaned in response. Encouraged, she leaned forward and kissed his bare chest.

Keido's left hand resumed the mapping of her body, starting with her face, down her neck, down to her breast. His fingers circled one breast, then the other. Corrie moaned again, and spurs on her kissing of his body. His hand then resumed its downward path, tracing her stomach and continuing onward.

"Oh, Keido..." she sighed. "This feels so... incredible...."

"Shhh...." he pressed a finger to her lips, then kissed her again. Gently, he slid his finger along her warm, wet, inner folds, eliciting a gasp and a sigh from Corrie. She squirmed as his finger began to press into her, and let out another gasp as it reached as far as it could into her. Her breathing became noticeably more labored as Keido slowly began to pull back.

He watched her every reaction, wishing he could take off his glasses. That would have to wait until later aboard the TARDIS. Keido forced his minor irritation out of his mind as he pulled one hand away from Corrie. She looked up at him, afraid he would stop. Instead, he moves that hand to the drawstring of his pants and tries to kick off his boots. He rolls off her temporarily to rid himself of the rest of his clothes. She reaches out to help. He managed to kick off his boots and his tunic while Corrie undid the drawstring of his pants for him and pulled them down, revealing a bulge in Keido's underwear. Surprised by this, she reached out to touch the bulge, sensing Keido's hardness.

She looked at him, her eyes wide. "This is what you are doing to me right now," he said in a husky voice. Corrie touched him through his underwear, cautiously at first, then gradually growing bolder with her caresses. Keido groaned, then pulled her hand away. He gently kissed her palm. "Easy... I don't want to rush this..." he whispered, kissing her to distract her. Corrie slowly lay herself across Keido's body, and started kissing his neck, slowly moving down to his chest. And all the while, her right hand barely an inch away from his hardness. Smiling, Keido pulled her hand away from him.

"Not yet," he said. "You're not ready yet." He gently pushed her, so she lay flat on her back on the picnic blanket.

"What do you mean I'm not ready yet?" she protested. "I feel like my whole body is going to explode."

"That's what I mean," he said, smiling. He kissed the tip of her nose, her lips, her chin, her breasts, her navel. He glanced up at her before lowering his head to the dark curls between her leg. The feeling of his breath on her folds was a sheer torture of pleasure, which only grew the longer Keido kept his head above her folds. Keido then caught Corrie by surprise as he kissed her folds, resulting in a loud moan escaping from Corrie's lips.

Keido smiled to himself. He knew it was only a matter of minutes... He spread her legs wide apart, then, after situating himself comfortably between them, gently parts the soft skin hiding the object of his desire. She squirmed, her need increasing dramatically. Corrie's whole body is on edge, waiting for something to trigger the release she seeks.

"Hold still, Corrie."

Corrie watched as Keido stood up and let his underwear fall to the ground. Her eyes bulged as for the first time, Corrie saw him fully erect. Keido then returned to his position between her legs. "Now I think you're ready." He gently pressed the tip of his sword against the edges of her sheath. Corrie held her breath. Slowly he pressed forward. He didn't want to hurt her, but the burning need surging through his body pushed him onwards. She arched and writhed in his arms. The soft, feminine noises she made broke his control. He surged into her, sheathing himself to the hilt. He heard her cry out and held her tight as he waited for her body to relax. "You okay? he panted. Corrie nodded, unable to speak.

Keido hesitated, unsure if he should continue. Corrie reached for his face, and pulled his head next to hers. She whispered in his ears "please... again..."

"Are you sure you're ready?" he asked.

"I don't think I've been more ready for anything in my life," she said softly. He leaned over and kissed her once more before beginning to thrust into her.

Corrie's back arched as she felt Keido's sword push into her once more. She struggled to keep from crying out. Keido pulled back, and thrusted again. Corrie's already labored breathing resonated in his ears.

Her body, already close to the edge from Keido's earlier attention, throbbed and pulsed in her release. The world swirled around Corrie as she floated in a cloud of ecstasy. Keido felt her tighten around him. He paused, waiting for her tremors to end. He fought his own body's need for release. Then, tentatively, she moved under him. Groaning, Keido gave up and began thrusting again. Corrie moaned again with each thrust, and each moan enticed Keido to thrust deeper and faster. Even behind his dark glasses, Corrie could see sparks crackling in Keido's eyes. She tried to match his rhythm, meeting his thrusts. Her hands gripped his back. He barely felt her nails dig into his shoulder blades, so caught up is he in his need. Urgently he pressed his lips to hers.

Keido felt her tighten around him once again, which made him drive harder into Corrie. Corrie was then overwhelmed by the flood of release, her cries of ecstasy muffled by Keido's lips on hers. Keido was immediately taken over the edge by the sensations of her release. His lips press harder on Corrie's as he joins her in ecstasy.

Corrie trembled in Keido's arms as she felt his essence spill into her. Words stuck in her throat. Exhausted, Keido collapsed on top of her. Between the sensations of her release and the pressure of Keido's body on top of her, Corrie savored the sensation of being completely enveloped in warmth. She enjoyed the warmth for a few moments before Keido moved again, placing his face in front of hers. They stared into each others eyes. "Thank you" Corrie whispered.

Keido smiled at her. She snuggled close. Listening to the waterfall splash into the pool, they stayed that way for a while. Then Keido pulled away and reached over to the pile of their clothes. "What're you doing?" she muttered sleepily.

"Let's go back to the TARDIS." She looked at him questioningly. "I want to make love to you again, and this time I want to be able to do it without the sunglasses." Smiling, Corrie reached for her TARDIS link. She pressed one of the buttons. The TARDIS appeared in the cavern. Keido lifted Corrie into his arms and carried her into the TARDIS. "Which way to your room?" he whispered into her ear. Following Corrie's directions, he made his way to her room.

Gently Keido laid Corrie on her bed. In the dim light of the bedroom, Keido slipped off his sunglasses and placed them on the table. Corrie could see the sparks flashing in his electric blue eyes, then her gaze traveled lower to his rejuvenated erection. She held her arms out to him, inviting Keido to join her in her bed. Keido slid into bed next to her and pressed his lips to hers.

"Is this one of the perks of being a Time Lord's companion?" he asked with a smile, as her hand caressed his buttocks.

"Not normally," she sighed. "Most companions just get a room. Consider yourself very privileged... ohhhh...." Her statement ended abruptly as Keido leaned over and captured one of her nipples in his mouth.

He released her for a moment, and met her tanzanite gaze with his electric one. "Did you have anything important planned for the rest of the day?" he asked, his voice again husky with desire.




Keido didn't answer. Instead he moved so his body completely covered hers. Corrie felt his erection pressing against her belly. With a swift movement, he pulled back and slid into her, her dampness from their earlier lovemaking easing the way.

"Oh," she replied with a smile.

A short while later, Corrie and Keido lay together, their desires temporarily sated. Corrie dozed, her head pillowed on Keido's chest. Keido gently ran his fingers across her body and her hair, so as not to disturb her. He wondered about tomorrow, what things with Corrie will be like then. Tired of thinking, he looked at Corrie, her face the last image burned in his eyes before he is sent to the dreamlands.