(Excerpt from JAPANESE ACID, October 1997)

Throughout the whole of Honshu, the night life scene has its great stars. From DJ Sneak to Towa Tei, talent is cropping up all over the place. But away from the spots, from the paparazzi, there are those few, 'underground' rebels who push the sound outward, further. After hanging out with the Ginza back alley timepassers, I heard about Tokyo's current DJ upcomer, a Kappa Rapoasa.

Generic Interviewer: Let's see now.. Kappa, right? Is that your REAL name? Kappa Rapoasa: Well.. there's this guy, right? He's my..

GI: Father?

KR: No, it ain't that. DEFINITELY not that. [shudder] More like.. a compulsive demibeing who has a PERSONAL stake in me. I don't know where he came from.

GI: Maybe a stalker?

KR: Yeah, well, your average stalker doesn't teleport around and speak to your head.

GI: [piku] ... Right. So, could you tell us anything about yourself?

KR: Well, I've been around a bit, had a kinda rough time.. what some of those Americans called 'on the streets! Nowhutimsayin'?'. I had a residency down in Sydney for a while, then in of all places Chicago. But after that I ended up in Singapore for a good two years, until I just came to Tokyo last month.

GI: Sounds pretty busy.. why the moving?

KR: Well, my dad.. who strangely I have no recall of, aside from the fact that he was a foreign ambassador and got moved around a lot.

Real Life Eli: [James Earl Jones Voice] Kappa, I AM YOUR FATHER!

KR: AAAAAGH! [subject jumped onto interviewer's lap] STOP THAT and LEAVE ME ALONE!

GI: WHO'S.. is that the stalker?

RL-Eli: I'm not a stalker. [wicked grin] Want me to be one though?

KR: Get the HELL OUT of here! [did some martial arts move which I couldn't distinguish, booting the man out of the window and into LEO] Sorry, he just shows up every so often, and you have to deal with him. Generally he's not so bad in public.

GI: I see.

KR: So I deal with him, and spin parties.. it's really part of my life, now, with the dance and body expression, which appeals to me.. I've studied the aesthetics of the body moving, it's very fascinating. Anyway, to be honest.. I'm looking to settle down, and relax, and forget the.. er.. never mind, just relax.

GI: With anyone in particular?

KR: No, I have this lingering.. it's hard to describe, but I'm LOOKING anyway.

GI: Could I fix you up with Lady Miss Kier? <Picture> KR: That'd.. that'd be nice ^_^

I had been holding back on purpose, my homework prepared carefully. I decided to spring upon his ambiguity.

GI: Forgetting something?

KR: [sweatdrop]

GI: I've got a few questions about four years, ago.. ever heard of a pop star named Koka Isit?

KR: [visibly nervous] Didn't he die in.. a plane crash or something? Good riddance.. [scratches back of head, broad grin]

GI: Funny.. according to what I dug up, he was in Australia.

KR: Uhm... please..

Another non-descript man walked into the room.

Uhm: Hey, you called?

RL-Eli: HAHAHA! YOU SHOW UP LATER! [chortling madly]

The two vanished.

GI: Well, I'd love to interview you more, but I'm afraid I'm suffering latent side-affects from LSD. Or something like that. Left a pot boiling. Gotta pick up the car. SEEYA!

KR: .... I hate my life.

Author's note:Just thought about how it'd reflect to have REAL GRIT situations interrupt such a mundane, every day thing such as a media interview. FWIW. Plus, it's a semi-GRIT fic. Right? :)

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