This is the long awaited GRITFic that Mark Andron and I worked on for at least 6 months. Tegan and Tora take a trip to Jusenkyo and find their whole world turned upside down. This GRITFic is part of GRIT Continuity.

Awakenings has some parts that would be considered "lemons." These parts have been set into separate sub-chapters that can be skipped without affecting the story. If you're under 18, you definitely shouldn't read the "lemon additions."


Tender Mercies

A Lemon GRITFic (meaning, if you're under 18, stay away) written by Jason Heavensrun. This is for people who wondered what Jo and Amy were up to in Jo's hotel room....

Excerpts from the Diary of Tegan Dawson

These are excerpts from Tegan's diary, dating from her first diary when she was 5 years old, up until the time she received her curse.  The last excerpt is from just before she comes to Nerima.  By Time Lady

You Can't Go Back Home Again

Feathers goes home for the first time since she was captured by Madame WWW.  Meeting her son and his family face to face for the first time in three years isn't quite what she expected.  Or is it? By Time Lady

Death and Regeneration

Corrie and Keido have been travelling through time and space together for 900 happy years.  A visit to an old friend is about to change all of that... and it isn't necessarily a welcome change.  By Time Lady

Letting Go

Letting Go is a story where Tegan's parents arrive in Nerima. They meet Tora, and make a few discoveries about their daughter. This fic contains some important information about Tegan's past, and some forshadowing of events to come.

New Experiences

New Experiences is the continuation of a thread called "A Sad Bielao," involving Corrie (my former PC) and Keido Morisato. This story is a lemon. Hentai. Which means, if you're under 18, you shouldn't be reading it. Go look at the other parts of this page.

Journey into Darkness: the Tale of Epsilon. Chapter 1, Innocence

Journey into Darkness: the Tale of Epsilon is the saga of one of GRIT's most notorious villans, Epsilon. Written by Aaron Peori, this GRITfic goes into Epsilon's pre-GRIT history.

Crossing of the Blades

A GRITfic by Tommy Corey featuring Tsurugi and Tanto.

Origin of the Sword

The origin of Tsurugi, by Tommy Corey.

Dawn Requiem

Tsurugi's origin, revised, also by Tommy Corey.

Full Moon Rising

The story of Al-X, including his origins and how he arrived in GRIT.  By Alejandro Melchor.

New Beginnings

A story by Chris McNeil, where Tom Tarou returns home for the first time in several years.

Another Day

A day in the life and mind of Blade.  Written by Chris McNeil.

Root of the Problem

A pre-GRIT history of Scott, featuring Scott's first trip to Nerima.  Story by Scott Schimmel.

An Interview with Kappa

An interview with GRIT DJ Kappa Rapoasa, written by Eli Kaplan.

Two Sides of a Coin:  The Story of Vince and Amy

The origin of Vince and Amy Tagle, including the earliest days when Vince and Amy were two minds in one Jusenkyo cursed body.  Written by Vince Tagle.

Steve's Story

The first origin story of Steve, written by Steve Scougall.

Answers that Aren't, or Steve's Story Revisited

The second origin story of Steve, including his training under the enigmatic Ryuu-ou.  Also by Steve Scougall.

How I Spent My Summer Vacation

Stackpole's first trip to Nerima, where he meets most of the Ranma cast.  Story by Damien Roc.