I was -really- bored so I wrote another story. This one uses not only Tsurugi and Tanto from the GRIT but also the multitude of Tsu on the CoRML. So the only people who will understand the entire thing will be Will-san, Kuno-san, Kun-chan-sama, and Lum-sama... But if you're reading this you already recieved it so you may as well read it... Comments welcome, Flames ignored.


The Crossing of the Blades


In a pocket dimension in a small house sits a single figure. The walls of the house are lined with books off all sorts, and weapons of equal obscurity. The figure sits in one a corner lit by a magical katana...

Tsurugi-GRIT: Another day of eternity... Heh.. my birthday at that, but what does it matter? It's been fifty years since that damned amulet made me what I am, fifty years since everyone of my friends and family were killed... <sigh> Time has no meaning anymore, each day is like any other... I don't even sleep, all I do is train, but for what!?

Angry, he teleports himself out to a circle of practice dummies fringed by a dark forest.

Tsurugi-GRIT: Circular Motion Dawn Requiem Attack!

Tendrils of ki extend from his body, swirling around, creating a tempest like wind. The blades reach the dummies and cut them neatly in half.

Tsurugi-GRIT: Each day is like the last... Final Fury Ultimate Retribution Destruction!

The arms of ki stop suddenly. Each then rockets at Tsurugi, cutting through him and splashing his blood across the ground.

Tsurugi-GRIT: Please let it end...

He collapses into a poll of his own blood, dead but not gone. His immortal healing works quickly to return him to his torment. As he comes to he picks himself up slowly. His magical gi cleans itself of his blood.

Tsurugi-GRIT, tears streaming down his face: Is this what I am doomed to... and eternity of loneliness!!! <echo: loneliness! liness!>

Voice: But it does not need to be so.

Tsurugi-GRIT: Who's there!? How did you get here, this dimension is magically closed off!

Voice: All doors are open to me. And as for my identity... <steps out of the shadowy confines of the forest> See for yourself.

Tsurugi-GRIT: Eyes wide in shock: But, you're me!

RL Tsurugi: I am you, or rather, you are me... I am your RL, a god of sorts, I created you...

Tsurugi-chibi-GRIT: Uh-ah, my mommy created me! *beeda*

RL Tsurugi: You are my creation, accept it. I would like to take you to meet some people.

Tsurugi-GRIT: <shrug> Why not... Not like I have anything better to do, ne?

RL Tsurugi: Then let us be off.

A bright flash of light shifts the scene to a small rooms half bathed in light, the other deep darkness.

RL Tsurugi: Wait here as I fetch the others, you shall be teleported to the main hall when the time comes.

Before Tsurugi-GRIT can answer his RL has vanished.


A small village in a parallel world is being plagued by a monster... A cry for help goes out and but one is stu- er, brave enough to answer...

Tsurugi-G: I've heard that you are having monster problems...

Random Villager: Ahh! It's him! <runs off.>

Tsurugi-G: Huh? <looks around.> I'm the only one here... You cant mean me, I wish only to help. Ah well... I'll just look around then.

Tsurugi-G walks through the village and people run from him on sight.

Tsurugi-G: What the hell is wrong? You'd thing I was a monster!

Random villager on the run: You are!

Tsurugi-G: What?

A megalomaniacal laugh from around the corner draws his attention. He runs to meet the source and finds... himself, beating a villager.

Tsurugi-G: What the F---!?

Tsurugi-E, turning and going into shock: I should ask the same of you... Who are you?

Tsurugi-G: I am Tsurugi, immortal champion of justice!

Tsurugi-E: Impossible, I am Tsurugi, champion of whatever I god damn well please. Now leave me be.

He gores to resume beating the defenseless villager but his fist is stopped in mid attack by a black eyed Tsurugi-G

Villager being beaten: Masaka... It's another Tsurugi whose good can counter the other's evil, a Tsurugi-Good to battle the Tsurugi-Evil for us! <scampers off>

Tsurugi-E, staring at G with hatred filled black eyes: Evil? I'm not evil, I just do whatever I god damn well please, and as for you...

Voice: Too late, you're stuck with it.

Tsurugi-E: Who speaks? And what doth thou mean?

RL Tsurugi steps out from a hut: I mean that you are eternally Tsurugi-E as he is eternally Tsurugi-G. Greetings, look upon your origin.

Tsurugi-G: Three of us, how intriguing, not in the fifty years since the spirit of the spring cursed me could I have imagined...

RL Tsurugi: There are more, come and you shall meet them.

Before G can accept and E an refuse they are set in different rooms. G's of solid white light and E of midnight's blackness.

RL Tsurugi, speaking into both rooms at once: I shall return shortly and you shall meet your brothers.

Tsurugi-G: No rush.

Tsurugi-E: Hurry up, is life not a hundred times too short to bore ourselves?

RL Tsurugi: Nice quote, but kinda invalid for an immortal, C-ya.


In a strange town deep below the surface of the earth there lies an alter to the Goddess Amaterasu. A samurai places the corpse of a black unicorn he had slain on the alter and sacrifices it to his goddess. He is bathed in light as a voice resounds through the cavern.

Voice: You, Tanto, the Red Earth, are my most devoted and worthy follower. Raise your sword.

Tanto: Yes mistress Amaterasu.

He takes the Tsurugi no Muramasa from his back and points it to the heavens. The blades glows with holy energy as does Tanto.

Amaterasu: You are now my hand of Elebereth, go bravely for my glory and the good of all.

Tanto: Thank you mistress. I shall not fail you.

He bows as the light dissipates. A priestess of Amaterasu stares in shock. A clapping sound resonates from the entrance of the temple where stands RL Tsurugi.

RL Tsurugi: Congratulations, that is quite a honor.

Tanto: A honor of which I am undeserving... Who might you be, whom doth lookith like me?

RL Tsurugi: I am your RL, a god of sorts I guess. I have come to offer to take you to meet others of us.

Tanto: My duty is to Amaterasu, but so long as it will not interfere with my devotion her, I shall accompany you.

He closes his eyes and bows to his double. When he opens his eyes he finds himself in a small room which in neither light nor dark, it just is...

RL Tsurugi: I must gather others. When the times comes you shall meet them, for now, farewell.


In yet another alternate dimension... There is a village filled with food and females. Two identical figures are the only males around.

Tsurugi-F: This is the life, ne B? <kisses a nearby girl>

Tsurugi-B: Oh yeah <eats an entire cake in 2.5 seconds.>

Tsurugi-F: They honor me because my healing skills saved their queen, and my defensive abilities protect the village from assault. Why do they honor you?

Random Kawaii Girl, whispering to F: Sacrifice to Volcano God.

Tsurugi-F: Good luck killing one of our breed cutey, it's impossible...

Voice: That it is.

Tsurugi-F: That voice... Another one of us exists?

RL Tsurugi fades into existence in front of them: A few actually, and I'd like you to meet some.

Tsurugi-F: And leave all this? No thanks, I'm immortal as are they most likely. These beauties are not so I shall take my time with them and worry about my brothers later.

RL Tsurugi: If that is your choice, so be it. What about you? <turns to B>

Tsurugi-B: No thanks.

RL Tsurugi: There will be food there.

Tsurugi-B: There is food here. I'll see them some other time with F.

RL Tsurugi: <shrug> Whatever, C-ya.


Each of the beings in the four rooms feels a rushing sensation as they are transported to a large room of sparkling white and black marble. RL Tsurugi sits in the front of the room in an ornate throne.

RL Tsurugi: Well my creations, you are brought together at last. Each of you is different yet you all are the same. Tanto, you are a warrior, dedicated to Amaterasu. You wonder alone with only your faith in your goddess you keep you going. Tsurugi Good and Tsurugi Evil

Tsurugi-E: I'm not Evil!

RL Tsurugi: You two are both immortal by advent of the soul of the girl who drowned in the spring you chose. Both of you returned to find your village under attack and both of you killed off the invaders with first ki attack you'd ever used, the Dawn Requiem Attack. But while you, G, blamed yourself for the deaths of your people and dedicated your immortality to make amends, you, E, blamed mankind and adopted an anything goes so long as I'm happy attitude.

Tsurugi-E: And that's a bad thing?

Tsurugi-G: You were terrorizing a defenseless village!

Tsurugi-GRIT: What!?

Tsurugi-E: They were just a bunch of pathetic mortals...

Arms of ki shoot out from Tsurugi-GRIT, grabbing Tsurugi-E and slamming him into the white marble wall of the room.

Tsurugi-GRIT: No one is pathetic except those who think others to be!

Tsurugi-E: You just made a big mistake...

Tsurugi-E gathers all his ki into his hand from which he hurls a ki blast at Tsurugi-GRIT. GRIT simply blocks it with a shield woven from his Dawn Requiem Attack. He retracts all of the tentacles of ki except for those which hold E's neck, knees, and wrists against the wall.

Tsurugi-GRIT: The mistake was yours my friend... Final Fury Blast!

All of the loose arms of ki gather together and slam into E, cracking the marble and shattering him, leaving his blood to flow down the white walls as he slowly begins to heal.

Tsurugi-G: Ma.. masaka... What power...

Tsurugi-GRIT: But I went easy on him...

Tanto: That was easy!?

RL Tsurugi: And then we come to Tsurugi-GRIT... Rather than gaining immortality through the curse of the spirit of the spring of drowned girl, you received immortality, a magical gi, the katana no kage, the katana no hikari, and a decent amount of power from an amulet containing the power of the mage who had originated your tribe. You returned to your village to find it under siege and you too performed the Dawn Requiem Attack. You, like G, blamed yourself but rather than try to make amends you simply went into seclusion and trained constantly. Constant training and the extra power boost from the amulet makes you the most powerful Tsurugi by far.

Tsurugi-GRIT: What good is that power, it will not prevent my from an eternity alone!

RL Tsurugi: Your life is what you make of it. You may spend eternity alone if you wish or you may seek out companions. My jobs is only to guide you and show you the possibilities.

Tsurugi-GRIT: Then I think I shall continue to train.

Tanto: Are you not powerful enough?

Tsurugi-GRIT, looking to E's slowly healing body implanted in the wall: I am powerful, maybe too much so... I must learn to control my power so that I never do that to one who cannot heal... And though physically and spiritually I am strong, my magic is good as are my elementalist and science skills but they can be greatly improved. Also I have read books, stories of distant worlds telling of technological masters which we have never imagined. But as you say, I need not be alone, I shall seek teachers in the world parallel to my pocket dimension whom I shall befriend and learn from.

RL Tsurugi: And have the rest of you learned anything?

Tsurugi-G: I too have heard of high technology and science in my travels. I would like to learn this skill as well...

Tanto: My purpose is always clear. I am to retrieve the Amulet of Yendor for my Goddess Amaterasu. That is my entire life's quest, to please my divine lady, I need no other purpose.

Tsurugi-E, working a crink out of his newly knitted neck: I learned not to piss him off... Look, I'm still gonna do as I please and you ain't gonna stop me.

Tsurugi-G: Harm innocents and I shall stop you.

RL Tsurugi: And now your dramas shall play out. I may aid you from time to time and I'm sure that your paths shall cross often. For now farewell and good luck.

The room fills with light and then only RL Tsurugi remains. A small flash of light brings two visitors.

Tsurugi-F: The girls went to sleep, so we have come.

Tsurugi-B: Where's the food?

RL Tsurugi: You guys are late, party's over, next one is in five millennia... ja ne!

RL Tsurugi teleports away and F and B are left standing on a barren blackness.

Tsurugi-F: Oh drat... ah well, the girls await!

Tsurugi-B: No food?


Tsurugi-GRIT returns to him meager home and gathers he necessities. Leaving a tracer so he can find his way back, he teleports to the closest world. He sees a man, roughly twenty- five to thirty years of age, sitting on a stone that overlooks a sea, his back is to Tsurugi. Storm clouds are brewing on the horizon.

Tsurugi-GRIT: Good day sir, would it be too much trouble to ask where I am?

Man: Teleportation is quite a feet at your age boy. You are near Izumo, Japan. That out there <points across the water> is the Sea of Japan.

Tsurugi: Thank you sir, but, teleportation... I know not of what you speak.

Man: Don't play dumb with me. <stands up and turns to face Tsurugi> I don't need to see nor hear magic to know it occurs, and I can tell a fellow immie when on is near. My name is Susa-no-wo, God of the Storm, welcome to my domain.

Tsurugi-GRIT: A God? <bows low> Lord Susa-no-wo-san, it seems that we share immoralitie's damnation, I would be honored if you would take me as your student for whatever you could teach.

Susa: I sense power in you, power and potential, I shall teach you. Now get up.. um...

Tsurugi-GRIT: Tsurugi sir.

Susa: Now get up Tsurugi, you're embarrassing me.

Tsurugi-GRIT: Hai sir <complies>

Susa: And stop with the sir, I hate formality.

Tsurugi-GRIT: Hai.

Susa: This is the beginning of a beautiful relationship, I can tell. <puts his arm around Tsurugi> You ever met my sister?

Tsurugi-GRIT: *piku* I don't believe so...

Susa: Beautiful girl. Amaterasu, Goddess of sun, I'll introduce you sometime.

Tsurugi-GRIT: Amaterasu, for some reason that rings a bell...


Tanto, talking to a newt: I shall smite thee foul spawn of Susa-no-wo for the glory of Amateratsu! I the Hand of Elbereth shall vanquish thee!!!

Newt: *piku*


Tsurugi-E: Time to get back to my fun!

Tsurugi-G: No.

Tsurugi-E: And why not?

Tsurugi-G: Because your type of fun is cruel, vindictive, and all around inhuman!

Tsurugi-E: Your point is...?

Tsurugi-G: <sweatdrop>


Tsurugi-B: Next!

A girl walks up.

Tsurugi-B: State your name and give me food.

Girl: Kimberly <lays a watermelon in front of B>

Tsurugi-F: Dear Kimberly-sama, you are the eternal fire which consumes my heart <kiss hand>

Kimberly: Teehee <blush> Arigato <leaves>

Tsurugi-B: Next!

A girl walks up

Tsurugi-B: State your name and give e food.

Girl: Julie <lays a steak in front of B>

Tsurugi-F: Dear Julie-sama, you are the one joy in my immortal life of sadness. <kiss hand>

Julie: Teehee. <blush> Arigato <leaves>

Tsurugi-B: Next!...

=============================================================== END