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Spotters Wanted!

As I said on the main page, if you spot an appearance by Gar that's not on the site, please scan it for me and send it in.

When you send it to me, please be sure to include the comic book, issue, date, artist, and writer.

I'm mostly looking for:
  • guest appearances
  • team crossovers
  • Titans from after the Baxter Paper changeover
  • anything not here on the site
Please help out the site with your submissions.

Comics that I know Gar appeared in outside of Titans are listed below.  If you spot something else, I'd really appreciate it.

Want List:
Challengers of the Unknown Vol. 1 #48 (February-March 1966)
Action Comics #532 (June 1982)
Action Comics #546 (August 1983)
World's Finest Comics #300 (February 1984)
Supergirl Vol. 2 #20 (June 1984)
Red Tornado #3 (September 1985)
Action Comics #584 (January 1987)
Blue Beetle Vol. 2 #11 (April 1987)
Blue Beetle Vol. 2 #12 (May 1987)
Blue Beetle Vol. 2 #13 (June 1987)
Blue Beetle Vol. 2 #14 (July 1987)
Infinity, Inc. #45 (December 1987)
Wonder Woman Vol. 2 #175 (December 2001)
Titans #35 (January 2002)
Titans #36 (February 2002)


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