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hits since March 13, 2003

VicXntric was kind enough to redo the number of hits on this picture at least twice.  Thanks a bunch!

30,000 hits

If anyone wants to submit one for 50,000 hits, email me.

Join the Bring Back Beast Boy Brigade!

Lately, our favorite green skinned shape shifter has found himself shifted into comic book limbo.  Fans of Gar know that he deserves better than that!  Fans of Beast Boy have banded together to form the Bring Back Beast Boy Brigade.  A news and information site has been set up by Saturn Girl at .  We need the help of the masses of Beast Boy fans to show their support and help get the word out.  How?

Ø      Create and submit banners saying Bring Back Beast Boy Brigade – because Gar Logan deserves better than comic book limbo.

Ø      Put a banner (there's some ready-made at the  at the LJ board) in your board .sig linking to

Ø      If your site doesn’t allow images in .sigs, put the line Bring Back Beast Boy Brigade – because Gar Logan deserves better than comic book limbo into your .sig with the LJ link.

Fans are going to begin various campaigns to get support for Gar to return to comics full time – whether it be in Teen Titans, Doom Patrol, or his own solo title.  Be one of the Brigadiers and join!

Welcome to the Garfield Logan Fansite!

Thanks to everyone who's helped me over all this time, who've sent me artwork, scans, and whatnot, and who've given me advice and help with site design.

This site came about after spending many a long night searching the web for halfway decent fan-art of Gar. In my hunting I came across general Titans and Doom Patrol sites, fan pages dedicated to Nightwing, Flash, Wonder Girl/Troia, Starfire... but nothing for Gar. Even without finding Gar web pages, I still only found a handful of halfway decent pictures. Most of what I found were group pictures with Gar in the background, group pictures with him morphed into an animal, and pictures of him ogling his female teammates. Not exactly the selection a Gar worshipper (like myself) would want.

I finally decided that it was time to create a site where true Gar fans could come and find what they wanted in one neat little place.

Now there are a few fan shrines popping up here and there, but still nothing like this site.  Currently we have the biggest selection of Beast Boy wallpaper, avatars, fan art and comic scans available on the web. 

Browse the site.  If you like what you find, be sure to sign the guestbook.

- Lady Timedramon, Garfield Logan fangirl for 20+ years and proud of it!


I saw this picture on page 16 of Teen Titans #3 and fell in love! luv2

Mike McKone, you're out to win this obsessive fangirl's heart, aren't you?luv

It took me a bit of time, but I edited out the text, just to make the picture a bit more droolable.

Obsessive fangirls - fear us angel

Gar image from Teen Titans 3 by Mike McKone, p. 16

Have you been wondering how to find what you want here? 
News Blog:  News about Beast Boy and about this site
Gar's Biography:  Beast Boy's origins, including comparisons of his origins over time
Comic Gallery:  Scans of Beast Boy from different comic books, from his first Doom Patrol appearances to his most recent appearances in Teen Titans and guest shots in other books.
Fan Art Gallery:  Beast Boy pictures drawn by fans.
Submissions:  Rules for submitting to this site.
Fanfiction:  Beast Boy fanfics.
Warning!:  My own personal fangirlishness is hidden here.
Fun Stuff:  Beast Boy wallpapers, avatars, screensavers, colorbars, and professional artwork of Beast Boy that I've comissioned.
Thoughts/Theories:  My thoughts and theories on various things Beast Boy related.
Toys:  Pictures of trading cards and action figures featuring Beast Boy.
Related Links:  Links.  What else would it be?
Contact Me:  This is the best ways to reach me.
Forum:  A direct link to the Beast Boy Shrine, where fans can talk about Beast Boy.


Site Updates:


Hey, I've updated!  Right now it's a relatively small update, but it's new stuff.  So long as I'm having to keep my feet up, I might as well do it by the computer.


Front Page
 - A directory listing of what's where on this site
 - A domain name poll - please vote!!!!!

Comic Gallery
 - 2 full pages of Teen Titans Go! images of Beast Boy (scans up through issue 28)

Fanart Gallery
 - More images added to the Deviantart favorites

 - New "Little Lover Boy" screensaver to go with the wallpaper
 - Another page of avatars (sized 100 x 100 - you can resize if necessary.

Coming next update:
 - More comic scans
 - Wallpapers
 - Fanfiction
 - Fanart
 - Screencaps


It's an update!  You may proceed to faint from shock.

I don't know why, but I got on a screencapping kick this holiday break.

Comic Gallery
- Main page - re-labeled the Animated Series pages to identify each page by episodes.
- Teen Titans the animated Series - 3 pages of screencaps (screen caps up through episode 5x07)


Wow, another update within 3 weeks!

I invested in a little program called "Frame Shots".  It's a neat program for doing screencaptures.  Using it cut down my time on doing screen caps enormously - it automatically numbered the names and allowed me to adjust the resolution - so I didn't have to go back and optimize all 466 captures that I made.  These are all uploaded and mostly set up on homepages.

Comic Gallery
 - Teen Titans the Animated Series - 6 pages of screencaps added.  I've only put up through Season 4, episode 9.  I'll put up episodes 10-13 as soon as "The End pt 3" airs.


Join the Mailing List below for direct notification of updates.


News Blog!!!

Instead of a general homepage, I replaced it with an easy to update blog.  Hopefully I'll be able to keep the news updated a bit more frequently.

Art Commissions!!!

Sorry guys, but it's a bit hard to keep up with managing contests, now that I'm out of the computer lab.  Instead, feel free to enjoy some special art commissions drawn by professional comic artists.  The Art Commissions are located in the Funstuff section.

Color Bars!!!

Everyone's making them now, so I've started collecting them  Enjoy the selection and don't forget to credit the hard-working artists.  You can find the Color Bars in the Funstuff section as well.

Submission Guidelines!!!

People have been asking me how to submit their work - so I've placed a whole list of what it takes to get me to put your artwork/stories/avatars/wallpapers/etc up on the board.  Click the Submissions link for the information.


The Beast Boy Shrine has moved!

Thanks to problems at Proboards (and EZboards), the Beast Boy Shrine is now v.3.0 and better than ever!  It's also linked at the Forums link in the navagation bar.

Come by and chat about Gar.

Beast Boy Shrine

Spotters Wanted!

If you spot an appearance by Gar that's not on the site, please scan it for me and send it in.

I'm mostly looking for:
  • guest appearances
  • team crossovers
  • Titans from after the Baxter Paper changeover
  • anything not here on the site
Please help out the site with your submissions.

Check out the want list to see if you have something I need.

Beast Boy Fan List


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