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Art Commissions

You might be wondering "What is Commissioned Art anyways?"

Well, commissioned art is art by the professionals.  These are the people who get paid the money by real comic book companies and have theirart published in actual comic books.  Sometimes they do commissions - which are special requests.  Often there are charges for these.  At a comic convention, you can pay anywhere from $5 to $50, depending on the detail and media you want, as well as on the popularity of the artist (and how much they want to charge).

All of the artwork on this page is original pieces drawn by artists who have worked for a major comic book company.  All of the works here I have purchased or have been gifts or prizes.  Please do not use without my permission.

I've reduced the images to thumbnail size - click to see the full image.

Chris Ivy Sketch

Art by Chris Ivy.
Credits: Beast Boy (the mini series)
Superman, Supergirl, Flash, Legends of the DCU,
Justice League of America, What If?,
the Punisher... and more!


Art by Jim Daly
Credits:  Ghost Rider 2099
X-men Chillers

Art by Tim Smith
Credits:  Teen Titans Go!
*thanks to Bill Walko from for getting me this picture*

Art by Todd Nauck
Credits:  Teen Titans Go!
Young Justice
Sensational Spider-Man


Art by Todd Nauck
Credits:  Teen Titans Go!
Young Justice
Sensational Spider-Man



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