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By Lady Timedramon


Disclaimer:  I do not own the characters within.


You may think I gave up my mask a long time ago
But I only traded it in.
Instead of hiding behind purple plastic,
I hide behind a grin.

The purple plastic protected my identity
While the smile masks the pain.
A green skinned guy learns to hide himself
From without and within.

I don’t care who sees me on the outside.
It doesn’t matter now.
But the way I hurt on the inside,
I’ll hide, no matter how.

My friends all think of me
As the funny guy.
They don’t know that late at night
I often sit and cry.

To all the Titans Beast Boy will be
The funny one of the squad.
But no one will ever see
The hurt behind my facade.


Garfield Logan, Changeling, Beast Boy, Teen Titans, Doom Patrol and most of the characters on this site are trademarks of DC Comics.