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Later Logan - Gar Grows Up (late 1980's through the 1990's)

Towards the end of the 1980's and throughout the 1990's, fans began to see several changes in Gar.  First his powers were affected by trying to use one of Mento's helmets. Then he disappeared, then reappeared while posessed by a Trigon seed.

The changes appeared rather drastic, particularly to someone who had been out of comic book collecting for a while.

By the time the Technis Imperitive crossover appeared, artists apparently began to regain a handle on how to represent Gar, laying the groundwork for the new millenium.

Gar by Mark Tenney
New Titans 106 p. 2

Gar by Nick Napolitano
The New Titans 104, p. 5

Gar by Nick Napolitano
The New Titans 104, p. 5

Gar by Paul Pelletier
JLA/Titans, The Technis Imperative, p. 127

Gar (possessed by Raven) by William Rosado
The New Titans 118, p. 13

Gar by Phil Jimenez
JLA/Titans, theTechnis Imperative, p. 42


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