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Art Contest Rules


1. Please follow the theme.
2. Solo pictures of Gar only. Please do not include other characters unless specified.
3. Please submit .jpg or .gif format art. If you dont have a scanner, email me and well see what we can do.
4. Gar must be human, but can be shown changing into an animal. No pictures of just green animals please.
5. Please keep all pictures PG-13 rated. As much as Id love pictures of Gar displaying full frontal nudity, Tripod wont allow them to be posted (plus I occasionally work on the site from my job). So lets keep the unmentionables covered.

All entrants will be posted on the site.

Instead of begging people to be judges, I'll just post a poll like I did the last time. It's a lot easier than begging.

Judging will be blind judging - entrants will be posted using numbers. Names will be added after the contest is over.

Yes, this is a contest. What would be a contest without prizes?

1st prize: $15 gift certificate to
2nd prize: $10 gift certificate to
3rd prize: $5 gift certificate to


Why birthdays?

Because my birthday is July 26, and it IS my site

Ideas: Gar wishing happy birthday, popping out of birthday cakes, gift wrapped.... OK, time for me to get my mind out of the gutter

Please keep it PG-13 (otherwise it will join a nice little folder hidden away on my hard drive for my eyes only )

July 20, 2003

Winners Announced:
July 27, 2003


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